2013 Tournament Results

Brunswick Mesa Results - 9/2/2013

Well another major holiday event is behind us, and another new record was set. We just barely got passed our old record of 203 entries from Memorial Day weekend with 206 during our Labor Day event. We barely got there with a huge turnout on our very last squad with 55 bowlers on the floor at one time. The event also had 49 cashers, a 1 in 4.2 cash ratio and paid out over $11,000.00! It really is amazing how many new faces we see at each event, and where we have come in a very short 17 months. However, the event was still a lot of fun and was a great example of why we are doing so well. There were a lot of laughs and good times had, while also having tons of great competitive moments and entertaining finishes.

AMF Union Hills Results - 9/15/13

Our event at AMF Union Hills was another great one! We had 98 entries, 26 cashers, a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio, paid out nearly $5,000.00 and claimed another first time champion at his home house. The bowlers bowled on a 37ft Kegel Broadway oil pattern that yielded very high scores. This was one of our highest scoring events if not the highest scoring event we have ever had. The scores on Saturday won’t incredibly high, but it seemed that once everyone started playing the lanes similar on Sunday, the scores went through the roof! We even had a 300 game bowled by Kevin Enomoto! Most of the cut scores were over +100! Check down below for the full results and scores.

Golden Pin Results - 10/6/2013

Our event at Golden Pin lanes drew 47 entries, had 16 cashers and a 1 in 2.9 cash ratio. The players bowled on the 40ft Carmen Salvino oil pattern which had moderate to high scores. We met a few new bowlers that lived in the Tucson area, and even had a couple of them make it to the quarter finals in their first event with us! 

We met the following new members; Larry Thompson, Erica Pursell, Richard Bruner, Josh Franz, and Labriel Leach were all new members that came out to represent Tucson. A special congrats to Josh Franz who made the quarter finals in his first ever SFT AHT event. Also congrats to Erica Pursell who made it all the way to the B division finals in her first ever event. Also congrats to Robin Unfricht who showed the power of the parlay and turned $25 into a quarter finals check! Congrats everyone! 

Brunswick Tri-City Results - 10/27/2013

This weekend we were at Brunswick Tri-City bowl in Avondale, Arizona. The location didn’t stop the members from showing their unbelievable support! We had 82 entries, 22 cashers, a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio, and paid out over $4,000.00 in total prizes. The bowlers bowled on the 39ft USBC National’s pattern, which had pretty high scores all weekend. There were multiple scores over +100 which is uncommon for most SFT AHT events. The pattern seem to mainly yield high scores to those that could open their angles up in the front part of the lane and also the left handers seemed to have pretty good ball reaction.

Brunswick Mesa Results - 11/10/13

The event this weekend was at Brunswick Zone Mesa. There were 108 entries, 28 cashers, a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $4,000.00! The participants bowled on the PBA 37ft Viper oil pattern, which yielded fairly low scores for the weekend. There were a few bowlers as always that really bowled great and blew the roof off of the place but the average cut scores for the weekend were around +50. The pattern was very tight on the outside boards and hooked a decent amount on the inside which forced players left from the start; even straighter players had to play straight up 2nd arrow. The players that had the best ball reaction were those that could get in and play the deeper angles and slow curve the lane.

Brunswick Via Linda - 12/1/13

Our Thanksgiving Day week and weekend tournaments were a bunch of fun as usual! We held two events during the holiday week and weekend. There was a Black Friday fun event that featured the Baker Trios format. This was the first time we had ever used this format and one thing is for sure…. It won’t be the last! It was a blast! We had over 60 bowlers come out generating 25 teams and just under a $1,000.00 in prize fund! Not too bad for a tournament that only cost $20 per person!

The winners of the event ended up being Ben Dewberry, Zack Huglin and Wes Marema. The funny thing was that they were hoot’n and holler’n while slapping out strikes and taking the lead with only 3 games of bowling. Going into their last game, they were thinking they just needed to stay out of trouble. Little did they know, the quiet and sneaky team of Jonathan Ferrell, Chris Huglin and Tony Masterson nearly passed them. They missed them by just a few pins to finish in 2nd.

Brunswick Desert Sky Results - 12/15/2013

Our final event of the 2013 season was a great one! We had a great turn out, and as always, many story lines! The event drew 106 entries, 26 cashers, a 1 in 4 cash ratio and paid out over $4,500.00! The players bowled on an incredibly difficult 47ft Scorpion pattern, which as some of you may know, is the newest version of this pattern that was used in this year’s World Series of Bowling. The PBA telecast for this pattern comes on December 22nd. There were players that played the pattern straighter, and some played it a bit more inside but no one got their ball right of the 8 board as that was out of bounds for just about everyone. It seemed that the difference maker was just keeping your shots in play to leave easier spares.

Brunswick Kyrene Results - 12/29/2013

Our annual invitational was an exciting one yet again. 24 players squared off in a double elimination match play format with the top 1 in 3 cashing, and the top 2 taking home event exemptions. The players bowled on a pretty tough 40ft Kegel Highway to Hell oil pattern. The pattern was pretty demanding all day with spares being the huge difference between most of the matches. The format of this event gave byes to the top 8 players invited which last year, proved to be a huge advantage.