2013 Tournament Results

AMF Christown Results - 01/01/2013

Wow! The 4 day tourna-palooza was absolutely incredible. We had 99 teams on Saturday, 24 members at the PMI on Sunday, 30 members at the banquet Sunday night, and 71 more entries on Monday and Tuesday for the 2013 season opener and we paid out over $7,000.00 in 4 days’ worth of bowling. The director is tired! However, there were a lot of memories and good times had in this epic 4 day stretch. We got to watch Bo Copeland and Tim Bryden win the Criss Cross doubles (Results - Click Here), David Kurlan take home the PMI title (Results - Click Here) , and Lynn Arthur accept his 2012 Player of the Year award (Summary & Pics - Click Here) at the banquet.

Brunswick Kyrene Results - 1/13/2013

I can say ahead of time this is going to be a long recap, but it was an amazing weekend!
Well our first 2013 standard event that wasn’t on a holiday showed good promise for the 2013 season. We had 103 entries, 31 cashers, 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $4,200 in our main tournament prize fund. There was another 27 entries in our sweepers and when combined with the high game pots, the side action paid out another $520.00! The very exciting thing about this event is that we had 70 members attend this event, which included 18 new members! It is clear that a lot of people are ready for this year’s point races, and all of them want to be victorious in one of the races. Thanks to everyone that made this event and the beginning of the 2013 season so awesome!

PINZ Bowl Results - 1/19/13

The Track Match Play Challenge was a TON of fun! This was the first time we had run this format and everyone loved it! The players loved moving pair to pair, bowling new people and trying to win the most points from squad to squad. The squad by squad payout also helped for players to be able to cash and decide if they want to bowl again with their winnings.

The format for this event was a blast. Players bowled only against the players on their pair each game and got points based on their score compared to other player’s scores. The highest score on the pair got 5 points, 2nd high got 3 points and 3rd high got 2 points. This meant that it didn’t matter how good or bad you bowled, as long as you beat the players on your pair.

AMF Squaw Peak Results - 1/27/13

Well another fun and successful weekend with the Strike Force Tour family. There were nearly 50 members that made up 85 total entries, 25 non-exempt cashers, 1 in 3.4 cash ratio and over $3,600 paid out! The side action had another 18 entries in the sweeper and when combined with the high game pots paid out a total of $480.00. We always want to thank all of you that come out and make these events such a success. The 2013 season so far has kicked off to an amazing start and there is a lot of excitement around the point races and huge guaranteed payouts!

AMF McRay Results - 02/02/2013

Another hysterically fun and eventful SFT AHT event has concluded. This weekend we had a fun force format and used a format that we have never done before. The players bowled in a baker doubles format that was really loved by everyone. This format has two players bowl one score by alternating frames for the entire game! We had nearly 50 members come out generating 39 team entries, 10 cashing teams, a 1 in 4 cash ratio and a total prize fund of over $1,400.00! I want to thank everyone that came out and supported this event! It was a lot of fun and we are already looking forward to doing another event like this in the future.

Shake, Rattle & Bowl Results - 02/17/13

Well our first weekend out of town for a series of events was a huge success! We kicked off our weekend with a fun 3-game sweeper event on Friday night. This event drew 24 entries, paid out over $500.00 and was won by Ron Gonzales. Our other fun event was Saturday night and was a very fun criss cross doubles format. This event drew 52 total teams, paid out over $1,700.00 and was won by Josh Anthony and Billy Chester. This led us to our main event which had 87 entries, 24 cashers, a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio and paid out over $3,500.00 in the main event. The weekend as a whole drew 50 members, and paid out over $6,000!! I want to thank all of the SFT members for making yet another successful weekend so much fun!

AMF Deer Valley Results - 3/3/2013

Well most of the time we have went to the west or north side of town we normally get 70 – 80 entries. The only non-holiday events to ever get over 100 entries all came from Brunswick centers in the east valley. Well NOT ANY MORE! AMF Deer Valley brought out 60 members, 105 entries, had 27 cashers, a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio, and paid out over $5,000 in prizes. We are exactly one month away from our 1 year anniversary, and I can’t thank all of you enough for doing what you have done to help grow the club to this size in less than a year! We are approaching the one year mark and it’s very clear we have many more years to come!

Brunswick Desert Sky Results - 3/10/2013

Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Desert Sky lanes and we nearly had 100 entries again! The event drew over 60 members, 93 entries, 25 non-exempt prize winners, a 1 in 3.7 Cash Ratio and paid out over $4,600.00 in main tournament prize fund and side event prize fund. We are approaching our 1 year anniversary and to celebrate I would like to also mention some awesome statistics. We have had 32 total standard events since starting this back up in 2012. Out of those 32 events we have had 27 different winners, two players won in their first event, and over a dozen made the quarters in their first event. So far in 2013 through 6 standard events we our averaging over 90 entries an event, 10 new members at each event, and had five $1,000 winners. The best part is that in 2013 an average of 4 players in each quarter finals were making their first quarter finals appearance.

AMF Tempe Village Results - 3/24/2013

Well this was the last event of our winter circuit. The circuits are quarterly payouts based on the season points, however at the end of each circuit there is a payout and then the next circuit begins. This means that players that just start bowling the club mid-way through a season still have a chance at winning circuit prizes even though they can’t bowl all of the events to battle for player of the year. If you would like more info on the circuits you can go to our point’s page located by clicking here. We will be featuring a full results summary and write up for the winter circuit later this week, so keep checking back for the full results on the winter circuit.

Let It Roll Bowl Results - 3/30/2013

Well our 2nd Track Match Play challenge event was another success! Thanks to the 62 entries, and nearly 30 members that came out to bowl with us at Let It Roll Bowl & Entertainment. The players bowled on a very difficult 39ft national’s pattern. This will be the same pattern used at our next standard event at Brunswick Zone Mesa, so players that bowled this event got a bit of a sneak peek at how their ball reaction may be at the first event of the spring circuit. The scoring pace was very low with very few players going over +100 and most players barely going plus at all.