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Bowlero Mesa - 9/7/20

This weekend’s event was our 3 day Labor Day Major.  We would get close to matching our record turnout for a Major, which was Memorial Day with 317 total entries with 226 qualifying entries, and we would get to 298 total entries with 211 qualifying entries.  I can’t believe with everything that is going on from concerns about COVID to other political issues, it was good to see everyone come out to compete and have a good time.  We were hopeful for a great of a turnout and we can’t thank the bowling community enough for all of the help in making this such a successful event.

AMF Tempe Village - 8/16/20

Our event this weekend was at AMF Tempe Village.  We had a great turnout with 101 total entries (66 qualifying and 35 economy parlay), with a cash ratio of 1 in 3.6, paying out over $4,500 in main and side event prizes.  The players bowled on the 42ft PBA Scorpion oil pattern that played pretty tough for most of the day.  There were some higher scores but bowlers were able to play a variety of angles on the pattern.  The cut scores stayed around +30 for most of the day, which meant that you had to bowl about 10 pins over your average per game to qualify.

Bowlero Kyrene - 8/2/20

Our event this weekend was at Bowlero Kyrene and we had a nice turnout considering that we are in the middle of a pandemic.  It was great to see bowlers come out and compete again.  We had 82 total entries (53 main & 29 parlays) with a 3.28 cash ratio and we paid out over $3,100 in main & side event prize funds.  The players bowled on a squirrely 35ft PBA Cheetah pattern that played a bit longer than the previous versions that was laid out.  There was a difference in how to attack the pattern, but those that found success were able to play up the gutter and get their ball to roll correctly through the pins.  The average cut score was a bit higher, but with this shorter pattern scores are usually on the high side.

Bowlero Kyrene - 6/14/20

Our event this weekend was at Bowlero Kyrene lanes!  We were wondering how the event would turnout with the current events going on, but our worries were quickly erased as we had an awesome turnout with 152 total entries (107 qualifying entries and 45 economy parlay), 41 cashers, and a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio and paid out a whopping $8,000.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on the traditional version of the PBA Cheetah oil pattern that was 35ft in length.  The Cheetah pattern tends to be one of the higher scoring sport patterns, as it allows players to get some free hook on the gutter which is like a house shot. However, it is still a sport pattern, and isn't a walk in the park. There isn't a lot of oil in the middle of the lane, like a house shot, so players tend to play this pattern outside early to allow the ball to roll more vs. trying to hook the ball down lane.

Glenfair Lanes - 5/25/2020

It was only about 9 days ago that we spoke with Glenfair Lanes and decided we were going to try having the Memorial Day major event. Of course we were worried about a laundry list of things. Some obvious things like concerns around COVID and if we’d even have a large enough turn out worth the time and energy of trying. Boy are we glad we took the risk and the challenge on of having the event. The entire weekend felt like a reconnecting and rekindling of many friendships and social circles. The COVID precautions slowly became a thing in the background and many people began to really enjoy being together again and bowling like they used to.

AMF Union HIlls - 3/14/20

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hills lanes and it was our second Saturday event of 2020.  With all the craziness going on out in the world it was a nice time to relax, have some fun and bowl.  We had a great turnout with 92 total entries with (64 qualifying entries & 28 economy parlay entries) which is probably one of our highest turnout for a Saturday event in a while.  We had 26 total cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $4,600.00 in main and side event prize funds! The players bowled on a 43ft Mexico City oil pattern, which started with higher scoring on the fresh pattern, but the scoring pace remained the same for all three squads with the average cut being around +40 for all three divisions.

Bowlero Mesa - 3/1/2020

Our event this weekend was a huge one! 114 entries with 78 qualifying entries, and 36 economy parlay entries! We not only paid out $1,000.00 for first, but also increased the semi-final checks to $180 and 3rd place to $400! The players bowled on a very difficult 48ft Eiffel Tower pattern that forced players to play the lanes pretty straight due to a lack of friction which comes from such a long oil pattern. Seemed like players of all styles could find a line. If they were more speed dominant, they were right of the 3rd arrow pointing it at the pocket. As the player became more and more rev dominant, they would play the lanes further and further left, but still be aiming at the pocket pretty much.

AMF Tempe Village - 2/23/20

Our event this weekend was at AMF Tempe Village and it was a BIG ONE!  We had a huge turnout with 117 entries through 3 squads, which consisted of 78 qualifying entries and 39 economy parlay entries. This created a huge payout of over $6,000.00 in main and side event prize funds!  The players bowled on a very tough 45ft PBA Dragon oil pattern that forced most players to play the middle part of the lane. It was very difficult to play to the right unless you were pointing it right at the head pin.  Most of the player’s that had success were in around the 3rd and 4th arrow. The cut scores for the weekend were around the +40 range which only requires bowling a little bit over average for the 3-game set.

Lakeview Lanes- 2/15/20

Our event this weekend was at Lakeview Lanes in Sun City, AZ!  While this isn't always the most convenient for the SFT regulars, many of them still make the drive all the way to Sun City.  We had members from as far away as East Mesa and Tucson that came to bowl the event.  The members love how clean and well-kept the center is, and they like that it is a little smaller and more quaint bowling center.  In most cases we fill the entire center each squad, and so it feels like the house is there for our tournament only. The event drew 57 total entries in 2 squads which is a great turnout for being in a place that isn't as centrally located as some of the other bowling centers that we go. The players bowled on the new Kegel Element 42ft Chromium oil pattern that was very playable from multiple angles.  We would see very high scores across all 3 Divisions and would result in the highest scores we’ve seen all season.

Mesa East Bowl - 2/9/20

After a nice two week break our event this weekend was at Mesa East Bowl.  It was a two-squad standard and sometimes that means less entries since there aren’t as many squads. Well it was jam packed with almost 50 bowlers per squad!  We had great turnout for our first 2 squad event of the year with a total of 101 entries (57 qualifying and 44 economy parlay), 26 total cashers, and a 1 in 3.9 cash ratio and paid out over $4,200.00 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on a very tough 42ft Kegel Autobahn oil pattern that had low cut scores to begin with, but once the pattern broke down scores went up.  Most divisions took in the +60 range to advance.  The medium length pattern allowed players to play a variety of angles including down and in and deep inside angles, but if you got it a little too far outside, then your ball wouldn’t come back or would leave a washout.