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AMF McRay - 6/30/2024


Our event this weekend was at AMF McRay to close out the 2024 Spring Quarterly Circuit (April – June) and we would have a great turnout.  We would draw 103 total entries (74 qualifying and 29 economy parlay), had 30 cashers, a 1 in 3.43 cash ratio and paid out over $6,200.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a 35ft Boardwalk oil pattern that played a bit harder than usual on the fresh.  This pattern can tend to be high scoring because it allows some miss room to the right if the bowler is able to get far enough to the right. Well, that did exist on some of the pairs, but other pairs didn’t have the same look.  The scores on the fresh pattern were a bit low but scoring exploded in the later squad with most bowlers shooting close to +40 to make the cut.

We want to welcome our new bowlers that joined us for this weekend’s event! Tracy Miller, Michael Jones, Jeffrey Crowley, and Justin Muir joined us this weekend for their first event. We hope you all had a good time and hopefully we’ll see you at a future tournament. We would have a few Parlay Power Players this weekend, in Dylan Taylor, Justin Penwell, Sergio Hilburn, and Alex Olson. All four bowlers made the quarterfinals off their $30.00 Economy Parlay investment, with Dylan making it all the way to the Finals, but more on that below. We had a few bowlers make it to their first quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in quite a while in Steve Gerken, Jeff Cochran, Darin Jackson, and Roy Gross. We wouldn’t have anyone win the Momma’s Mystery Pot, so that money will roll over to our next tournament with two pots worth $500.00 and a third pot over $150.00! Your winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $95.00, was Arthur Lara.

We would have 28 quarterfinalists, and with our 1 in 3 cut ratio, we would cut to the Top 2 in each Division after 3 games of bowling. Since this was a two-squad tournament, we would not re-oil the lanes and the Quarterfinals would be bowled on the burned Boardwalk oil pattern. We would see scores increase as the semi-final spots being determined in game 3.

In the A Division, your #1 seed was Parlay Power Player, Dylan Taylor (+119) and he would take on Steve Gerken (+118).  The B Division leader was Justin Surat (+120) and he would face off with Alex Benton (+82).  Meanwhile in the C Division we would see Mike Rhoads (+98) emerge as the #1 seed and he would have to bowl against Michael Pospeshil (+63). The #1 seed in each Division would select the pair that their semi-finals match would be played on with the highest semi-finalist having first choice.

The A Division semi-final match would see Steve Gerken struggle as the left side would be tougher on this pair. Dylan Taylor would have no issues with the pair and would put up his highest game of the day to defeat Steve, 274 to 191. The B Division semi-final would be the same as Alex Benton would get lined up on the pair as Justin Surat would struggle to carry the pocket. Alex would go on to win the match, 267 to 205. The C Division semi-final match would be a bit closer with Mike Rhoads trying to keep up with Michael Pospeshil. Mike would leave a few open frames as Michael would continue to mark and go on to advance to the Finals, 251 to 202.

Going into the Finals we would see Michael Pospeshil and Alex Benton making their very first Finals appearance, with both bowlers looking to take home their first AHT SFT title and $1,050.00 first place prize. Standing in their way was the favorite of the match, Dylan Taylor. Dylan is a previous SFT Player of the Year and was looking to take home his 8th title. All three bowlers had been putting up scores so it would look like whomever could figure out the pair first would have an advantage.

The Finals would start with Dylan Taylor leaving a 4-pin, which he would spare. Michael Pospeshil would lead off his first frame with a strike while Alex would see his ball go high through the nose to leave the 3-6, which he would spare. Second frame would see Dylan’s ball go a bit long and leave the “Bucket” (2-4-5-8), which he would spare. Michael would leave a flat 10-pin, which he would miss the spare for an open frame. Alex would round off the second frame with a strike as he was able to trip the 2-pin. Dylan’s third frame would see him get lined up as he would crush the pocket for a much-needed strike. Michael would pull his first ball and go “Brooklyn” leaving the 1-3-6-8, which he would not spare. Alex would split as he would leave the “Big Four”, (4-6-7-10) and he would not be able to convert the spare. Dylan would capitalize with a double in the fourth frame to make up some of the handicap difference he was spotting Michael and Alex. Michael would get a mark and spare in the fourth as he looked to get back on track. Alex would finish off the fourth with a mark and spare as he almost chopped the 6-10. Dylan’s fifth frame would leave the Stone 8-pin, which he would pick up. Michael would be up next and leave a ring 10-pin, which he would not pick up. Alex would leave a flat 10-pin which he would spare.

Just past the midway point and Dylan had taken a slight lead. Dylan would mark and spare in the sixth frame to remain clean. Michael would get a strike as he looked to get back on track. Alex would also strike to keep pace with Dylan. Seventh frame would see Dylan and Michael strike as Alex would mark and spare. Eighth frame would see Dylan mark and spare as he was unable to double up. Michael would strike for a “Turkey” to keep himself in the match. Alex would crush the pocket but see a messenger come across late to get the 10-pin for a strike. Dylan’s ninth frame would see him miss just a hair to the right as he would washout (1-2-4-10), which he would not spare for an open frame. Michael would get nine and spare to give himself going to the tenth. Alex’s ninth frame would see him double up to also give himself a chance.

Going into the tenth frame and all three bowlers had the chance to win. Dylan would be up first and get a light mixer for a strike. His second ball would crush the pocket for a double and he would complete the tenth with another strike to finish with a score of 218. Michael would need a mark and strike in the tenth to have a chance to beat Dylan. Michael’s first shot in the tenth would go a bit long as he would leave the 2-pin, which he would pick up. Michael’s fill ball in the tenth would go “Brooklyn” for a strike to finish with a score of 219. Alex would be coming into the tenth on a double and needed to strike on his first ball in the tenth to have a chance. Alex’s first ball would crush the pocket for a strike. Alex would leave a ring 10-pin, which he would spare, for a score of 226 to win his first AHT SFT title and $1,050.00 first place prize! Congrats to Michael Pospeshil on second place for $500.00! Also, congrats to Dylan Taylor on third place for $300.00!

Thank you to everyone that came out this weekend to bowl our tournament. This was the last tournament of the 2024 Spring Quarterly Circuit and those winners will be announced prior to our next tournament. Huge thank you to Rebecca Deane at AMF McRay for having us come out this weekend and the great customer service they provided us this weekend. Also, thank you to Tawna McDonald and Michael Dragon for all their hard work to keep us going, so we are able to continue to put these tournaments on.

We will be back in a couple of weeks for an Early Bird 2-Squad tournament at Bowlero Kyrene, on Sunday, July 14th, as we kick off the 2024 Summer Quarterly Circuit (July to September).

Good luck to those of you heading up to Vegas this coming week for the True Amateur Tournament (TAT) at The Orleans.

Hope you all have a fun, safe 4th of July weekend!


AMF McRay Finals - Dylan Taylor vs. Alex Benton vs. Michael Pospeshil