TAT Summer Classic! $25k 1st! SFT Group Discounts & Benefits! 6/30-7/7

Adult & Youth Membership Info


    The Strike Force Tour Arizona Handicap Tour (SFTAHT) is a membership based tournament bowling club. There are dues and benefits for each member on a yearly basis. However, members would tell you that the benefits always out weigh the dues. We believe that you should only become a member of something if it is a clear benefit. The are the tangible benefits to membership, but nothing compares to the countless number of long term friendships that you will create and be a part of over the years.
The current membership fee for this season will be $30. However, if you enroll in the "Keep Your Cash, Till You Cash" program, you won't have to pay membership until you cash in the quarter finals of a tournament. Once you cash in the quarter finals, your membership fee is taken out of your winnings and you will receive all of the member benefits listed below.


Current Membership Sign Up Benefits
5 Additional Raffle Tickets For Bowling Ball
1 Free Entry Into Year End Banquet
SFT AHT Membership Rewards Card(Click Here For More Info)
Free SFT AHT Microfiber Towel


If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to call 480-227-0570. If you would like the membership form so you can have it filled out before getting to the tournament, you can click here, print it out and bring it with you!

Youth Members


Bowlers of any age can be a Strike Force Tour member. To protect the integrity of youth bowling, the Strike Force Tour enforces all USBC rules regarding youth bowlers. If you would like to learn more about these rules, click here. If a youth player wins any cash prize it will be awarded to them in the form of scholarship winnings and will be delivered to their SMART account. There are two forms that may be necessary for tournament entry. We recommend having any necessary forms filled out and ready 30 minutes prior to any squad.

Form #1 - Parental Consent Form - This form is intended for any youth members under the age of 18 that plan on bowling. Please see form for more details by clicking here.

Form #2 - USBC Singles Competition Prize Waiver - This form must be filled out by ALL YOUTH MEMBERS that are planning on participating. Please see form for detailes by clicking here.