TAT Summer Classic! $25k 1st! SFT Group Discounts & Benefits! 6/30-7/7

Tat Info Page


Make sure that you register and put "SFT" under the "recruited by" section to get these special rates!

  1. Free SFT AHT Economy Parlay Entry To Be Used Back in Arizona!

  2. 50 Participation Points in the SFT AHT points race. 

  3. Early Entry Benefits (Extra VIP, TAT Towel, $25 VIP Re-Entries) regardless of when you enter. 

  4. 1 extra VIP

  5. $25 Off Storm/Roto Challenge Entry

  6. $25 off Mini Or Marathon Package for New Bowlers

  7. $150 Qualifying Squad Re-Entries for Mini Marathons,

  8. $125 Qualifying Squad Re-Entries for Full Marathons

Feel free to email Jamie to find out entering average or your division at jamiepmcwilliams@gmail.com

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