PINZ Bowl Results - 1/19/13


The Track Match Play Challenge was a TON of fun! This was the first time we had run this format and everyone loved it! The players loved moving pair to pair, bowling new people and trying to win the most points from squad to squad. The squad by squad payout also helped for players to be able to cash and decide if they want to bowl again with their winnings.

The format for this event was a blast. Players bowled only against the players on their pair each game and got points based on their score compared to other player’s scores. The highest score on the pair got 5 points, 2nd high got 3 points and 3rd high got 2 points. This meant that it didn’t matter how good or bad you bowled, as long as you beat the players on your pair.

The other aspect that made this event so much fun was where it was located. We bowled at PINZ bowl in Fountain Hills. It was the coolest little remote bowling alley. It only has 12 lanes in it, but has a nice layout for tournaments. Most of the players really liked the center, and enjoyed experiencing a different bowling alley then the 32 lane corporate center layout that they are used too.

The first squad was our smallest of the day with 11 total players squaring off. The winner of the first squad was Chuck Kremer with as he was the only player to win his match all three games and he won $110.00 for the squad. The second squad winner bowled out of his mind with a huge +219, and swept everyone in his matches. This bowler was Lynn Arthur and he took home $130.00 for that squad. Our final squad winner topped the field when he needed it most. It was a very tight battle for the daily point leader going into the last squad with numerous names all very close to each other. Ben Spencer however, won the squad to take home $125, pulled away with the daily point leader for the Track High Performance Ball of his choice and took home his first SFT AHT title. The runner up right on Ben’s heals was Lynn Arthur who took home the Track 3-ball tote roller, and Billy Pretlove who took home a 2-ball tote.

Thanks to everyone that came out, we had 40 total entries and had a lot of fun! Our next event is at AMF Squaw Peak lanes next weekend. That event will also feature mid-week qualifying on Wednesday night, as well as all of the features you have come love! See you all there!