Brunswick Kyrene Results - 1/13/2013

I can say ahead of time this is going to be a long recap, but it was an amazing weekend!
Well our first 2013 standard event that wasn’t on a holiday showed good promise for the 2013 season. We had 103 entries, 31 cashers, 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $4,200 in our main tournament prize fund. There was another 27 entries in our sweepers and when combined with the high game pots, the side action paid out another $520.00! The very exciting thing about this event is that we had 70 members attend this event, which included 18 new members! It is clear that a lot of people are ready for this year’s point races, and all of them want to be victorious in one of the races. Thanks to everyone that made this event and the beginning of the 2013 season so awesome!
The pattern for this event was the 35ft Cheetah oil pattern. The pattern transitioned in a very similar fashion both days. This was one of those events where as the pattern got more games on it, the scores just got higher and higher. The first squads each day yielded the lowest scores by a land slide. As the day went on, the scoring increased and the average cut score for the weekend was   around +110. We had quite a few bowlers that had a chance at 300 and some of them with a Track ball. There is an incentive for throwing an honor score with a Track ball, with the person receiving a free Track ball of their choice.
Before we get to the final matches, I want to welcome some new members, congratulate first time quarter finalists and talk about those that showed the power of the parlay!
This weekend’s new members are in a class of their own because they have the record by a long shot of the most amount of new members for our standard event since the end of the free membership drive when we started almost 10 months ago. I would like to welcome our new AHT members; Dustin Waynick, Justin Harper, Tony Marin, Richard Rohrbough, Estell Gushwa, Kevin Ruddy, Andy Pitcher, Lucas Merritt, Douglas Winter, Ken Davis, Chris Kremer, Phillip Ammer, Micah Coleman, Bobby Hedge, Erik Amble, Brian Nguyen, John Nassivera, and Joe Mascio. I want to thank all of you for giving the SFT AHT a try, and I hope it exceeded your expectations. It’s difficult to bowl well in your first tournament ever, but I hope you all had fun, and we all look forward to seeing you again.
We also had some bowlers making their first ever quarter finals appearance. It’s not easy, and sometimes once the ice is broken, the avalanche comes. A quick congrats to Brian Nguyen, Aaron Mendoza, Joey Kolenc, Justin Harper, AJ Beltran, and John Payan. The next step for you all is your first title! I wish you all the best of luck!
We did have some bowlers really strutting the power of the parlay this weekend. The real king of the parlay this weekend was AJ Beltran. He won the parlay in the B division on both days, and could have qualified both days. He would have been the insurance cut on Saturday, but being a new bowler he wasn’t aware of the feature. He learned quickly and advanced to the quarter finals on Sunday through the divisional insurance. The other parlay power player was Aaron Mendoza. He won the parlay on both days as well, but couldn’t capitalize on it on Saturday. He took what he learned on Saturday, won the parlay again, and advanced to the quarter finals on Sunday. These two players spent $25 and both got back $95 and $110! Congrats to you on your parlay success stories!
Ok so to the final matches…. We had a total of 13 bowlers in each division for the quarter finals. This meant that each division would cut to the top 4 bowlers after the 3 games bowled during the quarter finals. The scores were HUGE coming out of the gate with both divisions having the game 1 projected cut score well over +60. The scores came back down though and both divisions’ cut to make the semi-final round finished at around +100.
The 4 players squaring off in the A Division were #1 seed William Nedry vs #4 seed Mike Morales and #2 seed Billy Pretlove vs #3 seed Chris Weyrauch. One match wasn’t very close and the other was very close. Billy defeated Chris easily 226 to 142, but William just squeaked by Mike 244 to 241. Mike had some carry issues, which is tough to bear when only losing by 3 pins. Still great bowling Mike! The A division semi’s was a very tight match. Billy Pretlove had the lead for most of the match but some late opens, and a big late open in the 10th coughed his lead up and William was handed a gift. He only needed to convert a spare in the 10th to move on and he did.
The 4 players in the B division that were looking to take home the title were #1 seed Ben Dewberry vs #4 seed Joey Kolenc, and #2 seed Justin Harper vs #3 Seed Jai Janoe. Both of these matches weren’t too close as Ben and Jai were on fire during this round. Jai fired a huge 295 with handicap and Ben a 271. Jai then defeated Ben easily in the semi’s 236 to 191 with handicap. This set up what would be a very interesting final match.
On one hand William Nedry was a big tournament bowler back in the day, with many SFT titles and accolades to his name. He took some time off from the game, and with reignited passion has worked hard to get his game back to where it used to be. However, on the other hand, Jai Janoe is an up and coming young talent that after learning to stay focused in the pressure situations has prospered into a clutch bowler who can throw the strikes when he needs them. Both of these perspectives played out and the match was very close. The match went back and forth with William leaving some corner pins early and Jai capitalizing with a double, but then some late bad carry by Jai and a huge string when he needed it most allowed William Nedry to defeat Jai 244 to 226 and take home his first SFT AHT title and $1,000 bucks!
Thanks again to everyone that came out, it is clear that the point race is going to be a tight one to start off as we have had no repeat bowlers in the final matches. William Nedry, Ted McKay, and Jai Janoe will be the early front runners for the 2013 player of the year, but there are point races for everyone, which one are you gunning for?
We look forward to seeing you all at our next event in fountain hills at PINZ bowl. It should be a great event as it will be our first fun force format of the 2013 season, and a brand new format to the SFT AHT. We hope to see you at the Track Match Play Challenge next Saturday, January 19th.
Final Match: 

SFT AHT Brunswick Kyrene $1,000 Championship (Nedry vs Janoe)