Let It Roll Bowl Results - 3/30/2013


Well our 2nd Track Match Play challenge event was another success! Thanks to the 62 entries, and nearly 30 members that came out to bowl with us at Let It Roll Bowl & Entertainment. The players bowled on a very difficult 39ft national’s pattern. This will be the same pattern used at our next standard event at Brunswick Zone Mesa, so players that bowled this event got a bit of a sneak peek at how their ball reaction may be at the first event of the spring circuit. The scoring pace was very low with very few players going over +100 and most players barely going plus at all. 

The first squad was led by Lynn Arthur who bowled +93 but more importantly had the most match play points earned with 13 points. The second and third squad was led by Zach Huglin who won 13 points in the 2nd squad and 15 points in the 3rd squad. Zach went +196 total for the two squads combined. All of the following players cashed at least once in all of the squads. Lynn Arthur, George Atkinson, Ernie Mendoza, David Volking Jr., Phillip Thompson, Zack Huglin, Ben Dewberry, Chris Huglin, Charlie Light, and Daniel Scott. A special congrats to George Atkinson on cashing in his first event with the SFT AHT!

Speaking of new members, I would like to welcome George Atkinson, Brandon Pickett, Jennifer Cheeseman, Dishawn Byrd, and Melvin Williams to the SFT AHT family! I hope you all had a good time, and although not everyone can cash in their first try like George did, we hope to see you all at the event where you can take home your first check and maybe even your first title! Thanks for coming out and giving the SFT AHT a try!

The daily results were really tight! After two squads, the leader was Ernie Mendoza with 24 points total. It was so close that the leader through 2 squads didn’t even cash in the top 3 after the 3rd squad was completed! Our 3rd place finisher for the day was David Volking Jr. with 33 points and he won a free Track 2-ball tote for being the 3rd high in total points for the day. Our 2nd place finisher was Lynn Arthur with 34 daily points and he took home a Track 3-ball tote roller. Our champion for the day was Zach Huglin who had 35 daily points and won any Track ball of his choice! Congrats to all of the daily leaders! Don’t forget that all of the top players won prizes after each squad also! Click below for the full pay out for each squad.

There are a lot of very interesting stats regarding our top 3 bowlers which shows just how much fun this format can be! David Volking Jr. entered with an average of 171 and averaged 180 for the day. Lynn Arthur entered with an average of 184 and averaged 191 for the day. Our champion, Zack Huglin, entered with an average of 165 and averaged 184 for the day. The three bowlers combined averaged nearly 12 pins over their average as a group for the entire tournament and took home A BUNCH of cash and prizes! It is clear that this is a format is all about staying focused and winning your matches! Congrats to all of the cashers and we look forward to seeing you all at our next event at Brunswick Zone Mesa where we will start the beginning of our Spring Circuit!