Mesa East Bowl - 6/18/2022


We would be out at Mesa East Bowl this weekend for another early bird 2-squad event. This would be the last one of the 2022 Spring Quarterly Circuit (April to June) and we would have several bowlers vying for the top spot. Even with the earlier squad times we would see another good turnout with 98 total entries (74 qualifying and 24 economy parlays), 27 cashers and a 1 in 3.62 cash ratio, paying out over $7,300.00 in main and side event prize funds. The bowlers bowled on the 41ft PBA Bear oil pattern that had some lower scores compared to last weekend. The pattern allowed players to play from any angle, but the key was trying to make high quality shots and pick up your spares. The cut scores stayed around +30 for most of the day with bowlers only need to get 5-10 pins above their average each game to advance.

We want to send a warm welcome to Eric Kolbe, Tyler Zaring and Jake Howell who all came out for their first tournament this weekend! We hope you had a great time, and we look forward seeing you at our future events! Congrats to Joan Harnish on being our only Parlay Power Player this weekend. Joan was able to turn her $30.00 economy parlay entry into a quarterfinals check. We would see not one, but two Momma’s Mystery Score winners this weekend! On the first squad we would see Bill Roberts win $500.00 with a score of 156. We would see another winner on the second squad of the day with Ken W. Davis winning another $500.00 pot with a score of 186. Your winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance ball for $85.00, was Chip Carr!

Since this event was only 2 squads there would be no re-oil before the quarterfinals. This resulted in some lower scores with the standings being very tight as bowlers needed to bowl at least their average with one or two good games to make the cut. We had 23 quarterfinalists and with our 1 in 3 cut ratio, from the quarterfinals to the semi-final round, we would cut to the Top 2 bowlers in all three Divisions.

The A Division would see Tim Eichhorn (+26) emerge as the #1 seed and he would have to face off against Kyle Ponzo (+9). The B Division would have Isaac Chavira (+57) as the #1 seed, and he would take on Josh Brown (+41). The C Division #1 seed was Terence Smythe (+95), and he would meet #2 seed Darwin Hicks (+63).

The A Division semi-final match would be a close one for most of the match. The deciding factor would come in the seventh frame as Kyle would leave a mixer seven-pin and miss the spare. This would keep the match close as Tim had left a split also in the seventh. Tim would spare in the eighth and go on to put away the match with 3-bagger in ninth and tenth. Tim would finish the match with score of 228 as Kyle would struggle to finish out the match with a score of 174.

The B Division semi-finals was a real nailbiter as both bowlers had the same average which would mean that this game would be a scratch match. Josh and Isaac would go back and forth for most of the match, and it would come down to the ninth and tenth frame. Isaac would open in ninth by chopping his spare attempt. Josh would strike in the ninth to set himself up in the tenth. Josh’s first ball in the tenth would look good off his hand but would leave a weak 10-pin. Josh would miss the spare and finish at 184. This would mean that Isaac would need to mark and get good count to win the match. Isaac’s first ball in the tenth would crush the pocket to get the mark he needed and would just need six pins to win. His second ball would come up a bit high leaving a 10-pin, which he would miss, to win the match with a score of 187.

The C Division semi-final match would see Darwin Hicks jump out to an early lead as Terence Smythe could not put things together to catch up. Darwin would go on to finish the match with a score of 235. Terence would come in with a score of 207.

The Finals would see all three bowlers looking to win the $1,000 first place prize. Tim Eichhorn was looking at going back-to-back at Mesa East Bowl as he had previously won his first title here in March. Tim was also looking at maintaining his lead in the Player of the Year points race. Isaac Chavira was making his finals debut and was looking to win his first title. Darwin Hicks was making his second title match and looking for his first title as well. Darwin had previously come in second place back in February at Bowlero Mesa.

The Finals would see Darwin Hicks jump out to an early lead as he was able to make his spares and stay clean through the first four frames. Isaac would stay clean too through the first few frames but could not make up the handicap difference. Tim would work on getting lined up as he would leave a few single pin spares but would open in the fifth leaving the 6-8 split which he could not convert.

Midway through the match it looked like Darwin would just need to keep making his spares to win the match. Isaac would start to struggle with transition starting in the sixth frame as he would open in the sixth, then split in the seventh to fall behind. Tim would spare in the sixth and then got lined up as he would string strikes in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames. Darwin would struggle as he would open in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames to give Tim a chance to win the match in the tenth. Going into the tenth Tim would finish out the frame leaving a six-pin on the first ball and would miss the spare to finish at 194. This would give Darwin and Isaac a chance to win the match, but they both need to at least double to have a chance. Isaac would be up first needing to punch out to tie Tim. Isaac’s first ball in the tenth would go a bit high through the nose and leave the 3-6. Isaac would pick up the spare and then get 8 on his fill to finish at 180. Darwin would need to at least double in tenth to win and needed at least 7 pins for second place. Darwin’s first ball would go a bit outside and never recover as it would leave the 1-2-4-7. Darwin would need to get at least 1 pin in order to secure second place and would get 3 pins on his spare to finish at 182. This would give Tim Eichhorn his 2nd AHT SFT title and $1,000.00 first place prize. Congrats to Darwin Hicks on second place and $600.00. Also, congrats to Isaac Chavira on third place and $400.00!

Thank you to everyone who came out to bowl this weekend. We are taking our summer break for the True Amateur Tournament (TAT) in Las Vegas. We will be back in three weeks to kick off our 2022 Summer Quarterly Circuit (July to September) on Saturday, July 9th at Bowlero Kyene!

Hope you all have a good break and good luck to those going up for the TAT!

FINALS - Tim Eichhorn vs. Isaac Chavira vs. Darwin Hicks