Bowlero Kyrene - 7/9/2022


We kicked off our 2022 Summer Circuit this weekend at Bowlero Kyrene and we had a great turnout! We would see 140 entries (108 qualifying and 32 economy parlays) with 35 cashers, a 1 in 4 cash ratio and paid out over $9,000.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a squirrely 35ft PBA Cheetah pattern that played a bit longer than the previous versions that was laid out. There was a difference in how to attack the pattern, but those that found success were able to play up the gutter and get their ball to roll correctly through the pins. The average cut score was a bit higher, but with this shorter pattern scores are usually on the high side.

We want to quickly welcome our new bowlers that joined us for this event! Jessie Croxton Jr., Ron Hovis, Ismael “Izzy” Traverso, Angela Wolfe, Michael Allen, Kert Stiller, Kevin Dohrman, Jason Medling and Jeremy Becker bowled in their first SFT AHT event this weekend! It is awesome to still see new faces and we hope you all had a great time.  Unfortunately, there were no Parlay Power Players this weekend which goes to show you the difficulty of the pattern. Congrats to Michael LePage, Myles Hamilton, Brad Erickson, William Nedry, Johnny Boyd, Kyle Fritz, and Teri Hamilton who made their first ever quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in quite a while! Also, congrats to Isaac Chavira who would win Momma’s Mystery Pot for $500.00 with a score of 168! Your winner of the free plastic ball drawing, with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $85.00, was Ron McDonald.

The quarterfinals would be bowled on the fresh oil pattern and the scores showed as we would see scores more in line with the 1st squad of the tournament. With the bigger turnout, we would cut to the Top 3 in all three Divisions. Picking up spares was the key as it would come down to the final few frames to see who would advance to Semi-Final round.

The A Division would see Chris Brunick (+130) and he would have to face off against Josh Molloy (+94) and Myles Hamilton (+72). The B Division had Isaac Chavira (+90) emerge as the #1 seed as he would take on Jake Howell (+59) and Sean Molloy (+49). The C Division #1 seed would be Mathew Wykoff (+50) and he would be up against Kyle Fritz (+48) and Michael LePage (+22).

The A Division semi-final match would be shoot out with all three bowlers lined up on the pair. It would go back and forth with all three bowlers having a chance to win the match and it would all come down to the ninth and tenth frames. Chris Brunick would finish the match punching out in the ninth and tenth frames to finish at 234. Josh Molloy would finish the tenth frame needing to double in order to win the match. Josh’s first shot in the tenth would crush the pocket but would leave a ten-pin. Josh would pick up the spare and then strike on the fill to finish at 231. Myles Hamilton would be up in the tenth coming off a double in the eighth and ninth frames. Myles would need a mark and count to win the match. Myles’ first ball in the tenth would hit the pocket light leaving a mixer ten-pin. Myles would spare and then Greek Church (4-6-7-8-10) on his fill ball to finish at 240 and advance to the Finals.

The B Division would see Sean Molloy runaway with the match as Isaac Chavira and Jake Howell would struggle to get lined up on the pair. Jake would finish at 203 while Isaac would finish at 184. Sean would win the match by shooting an impressive 242 to punch his ticket to the Finals.

The C Division would be a close one as it would come down the tenth frame to see who would win the match. Kyle Fritz would finish the match with a score of 162 as he would struggle on the pair. Your #1 seed Mathew Wykoff would be up next and would finish with a spare and nine on his fill ball to finish at 210. Michael LePage would get up in the tenth needing to a mark and good count to win. Michael’s first ball would go a bit high leaving the baby split (6-10). Michael would pick up the spare and the get nine on his fill ball to win the match with a score of 215.

Going into the Finals we would see two of the three bowlers making their finals debut. Sean Molloy and Michael LePage were both looking to win their first title while Myles Hamilton looking at winning his second. We almost had a father-son match up, but Josh Molloy came up just a bit short in the semi-final round. Everyone watching the Finals were rooting for Michael LePage to win as he was not in the progressive pot. The progressive pot is paid out 100% to everyone that makes the quarterfinals, so if Michael were to win the match, then everyone would get a bump in their payouts.

The Finals would start off with all three bowlers striking and looked that we may have a high scoring match. Myles would double in the second frame while Michael and Sean would nine-spare. Myles would split in the third and open on his spare attempt. Michael would also open in the third while Sean would take a small lead with a strike. Myles would struggle with carry as he would spare in the fourth but strike in the fifth. Michael would also spare in the fourth and fifth frames to keep himself in the match. Sean would go on to spare in the fourth but would open in the fifth to let Michael back in the match.

Michael would take this opportunity to take the lead as he would put a three bagger together in the sixth, seventh and eighth frames and looked to be in control of the match. Myles would go spare-spare in the sixth and seventh frames but would open in the eighth to stall any chance of a comeback. Sean would nine-spare in the sixth, strike in the seventh and nine-spare again in the ninth. It would come down to the ninth and tenth frames to see who would win the match as Michael would open in the ninth, missing a 7-pin, to give Sean a chance to win. Myles would finish the match with strike in the ninth and fill out the tenth for a score of 179. Michael would be up next and would nine-spare and get eight on his fill to finish at 227. This would mean that Sean would need to double in win the match. Sean would get up and like in the semi-final round would close out the match with a double and nine, for a score of 237, to win his first AHT SFT title and $1,600.00! Congrats to Michael LePage on second place for $400.00 and also congrats to Myles Hamilton for third place and $700.00!

Thank you to everyone that came out this weekend and made this tournament such a success! Also thank to the staff at Bowlero Kyrene for having us this weekend! We will be back in two weeks for a two-squad tournament at AMF McRay on July 24th.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Kyrene Finals - Myles Hamilton vs. Sean Molloy vs. Michael LePage