AMF McRay - 1/7/2024


We kicked off the 2024 season this weekend at AMF McRay. We would have a great turnout with 117 total entries (86 qualifying and 31 parlays) with 30 prize winners, with a 1 in 3.9 cash ratio, paying out over $7,100 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on the 35ft PBA Cheetah oil pattern that looked a bit difficult on the fresh as there was a bit more volume forcing bowlers from moving too deep too quickly. The key to this weekend’s tournament was to make quality shots and make your spares. The cut scores were low on the first squad but would go up as the day went on with bowlers needing to get shoot about 5-10 pins above average per game to advance to the quarterfinals.

We would like to send a warm welcome to Tony Rohlik, Chase Rohlik, and Joseph Aguilar, who all came out this weekend to give us a try! We hope you had a good time and look forward to seeing you again at a future tournament. Congrats to Kaylene Almy for being this weekend’s only Parlay Power Player as she would turn her $30.00 parlay entry into a quarterfinals check! Also, congrats to Jacob Waldren, Kaylene Almy, and Jacob Vasquez for making it to their first quarterfinals or their first in a while. We would see “Dr.” Brandon Bailey and Kenny “Powers” Koen win the Momma’s Mystery Score, with a 137 game, to take home $250.00 each. You winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $95.00, was Joseph Aguilar!

Since this was only a 2-squad tournament, there would be no re-oil before the quarterfinals. This resulted in some lower scores and the standings being very tight with bowlers needing to bowl only one or two big games to make the cut. We would have 24 quarterfinalists and with our 1 in 3 cut ratio, from the quarterfinals to the semi-final round, we would cut to the Top 2 in each Division.

The A Division would see Myles Hamilton (+116) emerge as the #1 seed and he would have to face off against Quinten Bell (+49). The B Division would have Outhay Lalab (+87) versus Cayden Matherly (+57). The C Division #1 seed would be John Zafra (+84) taking on youth bowler Jacob Vasquez (+63).

The A Division semi-final match would see Myles Hamilton runaway with the match as he was on fire. Quinten Bell would struggle on the pair as Myles would strike at will winning the match, 238 to 141.

The B Division semi-finals would be a lot closer. It would go back and forth for most of the match with it all coming down to the tenth frame. First up would be Cayden Matherly and he would fill out the tenth to finish with a score of 230. Outhay would need a double to have a chance and would strike on the first ball in the tenth. Outhay’s second ball would go a bit high, and he would make the spare to finish with a score of 224.

The C Division semi-finals match would also be a close one. There was a two-pin difference between John Zafra and Jacob Vasquez, so it was almost a scratch match between the two. Jacob would take a lead midway through the match with a four bagger, but John would come back as he would strike four out of the last five frames. Jacob would open in the tenth frame by missing a 2-pin and would finish with a score of 235. John would also open in the tenth as he would miss a 10-pin to finish with a score of 222, and we would see Jacob advance.

The Finals would see all three bowlers looking to win the projected prize of nearly $1,200.00. Myles Hamilton had to be the favorite going into the match as he was looking to take home his first title and had made three Finals appearances in the last few tournaments, so he was due to win one sooner or later. Cayden Matherly was looking to keep his Finals win percentage at 100, as he was looking to get his hands on his second title in only his second Finals. Jacob Vasquez was making his very first SFT Finals and was looking to add to his USBC Smart account, as a junior bowler. Unfortunately for Jacob he was not in the progressive pot. That would mean that wherever he finished in the Finals, the progressive pot payout would be redistributed to everyone that made the quarterfinals that was in the progressive pot and with first place projected to pay $1,200.00, you know who became the favorite among the bowlers remaining to watch the Finals.

The Finals would start off with Myles Hamilton leaving a 5-pin, which he would spare. Next up we would see Jacob Vasquez go a bit high leaving the 6-10, which he would spare. Cayden Matherly would strike to finish out the first frame. Second frame would see Myles strike, Jacob would get a Brooklyn strike and Cayden would double up to take a slight lead. In the third frame Myles would leave a flat 7-pin and would just miss the spare for an open frame. Jacob would miss in again, but this time leave the 1-3-6, but would chop off the head pin for an open frame. Cayden would continue his strike train for a 3-bagger. Fourth frame would see Myles leave another flat 7-pin but would be able to pick it up for a spare. Jacob would strike to try and make up for his open frame in the third. Cayden would miss inside and leave the 2-8, which he would chop for an open frame. Myles would split (6-7-10) in the fifth for another open frame. Jacob would also split, leaving the 4-6-7, and would not convert for an open frame. Cayden would leave a ring 7-pin and would go on to pick up the spare.

Just over midway through the match and we would see Cayden and Jacob about even with each other with Myles in third place. Myles’ would strike in the sixth as he looked to get back into the match. Jacob would also strike as Cayden would chop the 3-6-9 for an open frame. Seventh frame would see Myles and Jacob double up with Cayden getting a much-needed strike. In the eighth frame Myles would continue his comeback with another strike for a 3-bagger. Jacob would miss a bit in and leave the 6-9-10, which he would chop for an open frame. Cayden would get his ball almost in the gutter, but it would come flying back to hit the pocket leaving the 7-pin tilting back and forth. Cayden would miss the spare attempt for an open frame. This would give Myles and Jacob a chance in the ninth frame. Myles could not take advantage as he would hit the head pin and leave the Big four (4-6-7-10) split. Myles would get two as he was unable to convert the split. Jacob would leave a flat 10-pin and would pick up the spare. Cayden would set himself up with a strike in the ninth.

Tenth frame would see all three bowlers have a chance to win the match. Myles would be up first needing all three strikes to have a chance. Myles’ first ball in the tenth would crush the pocket for a strike. His second shot would be the same for a double. He would leave the 6-pin on his fill ball to finish with a score of 197. Jacob would be up next needing fill out his tenth frame, but he would leave the 1-2-10 washout on his first shot. Jacob would get the 1-2 but leave the 10-pin standing to finish with a score of 196. Cayden would need to fill out the tenth to win and his first ball in the tenth would go high through the nose but would be enough to carry for strike. Cayden’s second ball in the tenth would again go high leaving the 2-4-7-10 which he would get three for a score of 212. This would give him his second SFT title and would be taking home $1,275.00 for his efforts. Congrats to Myles Hamilton on second place and $750.00. Also, congrats to Jacob Vasquez on third place for $200.00!

Thank you to everyone that came out this weekend to bowl our tournament. Thanks to the staff at AMF McRay for hosting us and providing great service this weekend. A big thank you to Michael Dragon and Tyler Andersen for helping run this event. We will see you all in a couple of weeks at our next tournament at Bowlero Via Linda on Sunday, January 21st.


AMF McRay Finals - Myles Hamilton vs. Cayden Matherly vs. Jacob Vasquez