AMF Chandler - 2/18/2024


Our event this weekend would be at AMF Chandler lanes for a 3-squad standard event! With so many other tournaments going on throughout the Valley, we were lucky to have a great turnout. We would see 108 total entries (91 qualifying and 17 economy parlays), with 29 prize winners with a 1 in 3.75 cash ratio and we would pay out over $6,800 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on the 32ft PBA Wolf oil pattern that played tough to start but got a bit easier as the oil carried down the lanes.  This pattern is one of the shortest patterns that are in use and the bowlers had to play a bit up the ditch to start. As the oil pattern broke down and oil started to carry from the fronts would allow for a variety of angles to be played. This center has typically been one of the higher scoring centers that we go to with the track well built into the lanes. It seemed like on the fresh to semi-fresh oil was where most of the higher scores would be bowled with scores tailing off after each squad. It would take about +80 to qualify for the quarterfinals with bowlers needing to bowl 15-25 pins over their average per game to advance.

We would like to give a warm welcome to Jason Young, Hannah DeRosier, and Laura Wilson to the SFT Family. They both bowled their first event this weekend and we hope you enjoyed it! We did not have any Economy Power Players this weekend as the bowlers that won the Parlay were unable to repeat their success from the first squad. We did have a few bowlers that made their first quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in a while. Congrats to David Saffold, Eddie Wilcox, and Charles Nault.  There were no Momma’s Mystery Score winner this weekend so that pot will roll over to our next tournament. Your winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance bowling ball for $95.00, was Jacob Waldren.

The quarterfinals would be bowled on the fresh oil pattern and the scores showed as we would see scores more in line with the 1st squad of the tournament. We would have 25 quarterfinalist and with our 1 in 3 cut ratio, we would take the Top 2 in the A and B Divisions, while the C Division would cut to the Top 3, after 3 games. The quarterfinals scores would be tight with the top bowlers being determined in Game 3.  It would all come down to the final few frames with some bowlers coming just a few pins away from advancing to the next round.

The A Division would see DJ Kneifel (+111) emerge as the #1 seed overall and he would have to face off against Amarr Bryant (+94). The B Division had Zach Van Dusen (+165) and he would take on Payton Steele (+98). The C Division #1 seed would be a rematch from the last tournament as we would see Peter Trofimuk (+121) have to take on Steve Sanderson (+103), with Arthur Lara (+62) as the third bowler.

The A Division semi-final match would go back and forth with Amarr jumping out to an early lead. DJ would look to get lined up about midway through the match as he would start to string strikes to catch up. Amarr would lose his look he had early on and struggle to carry the pocket. DJ would finish up first as he would need to strikeout but would mark and spare out to finish with a score of 210. Amarr would get just enough in the tenth frame as he was able to get a much-needed strike to finish up with a score of 234.

The B Division semi-final would be a real nail biter as Zach and Payton would go back and forth for most of the match. Payton would be behind late in the match but would punch out in the ninth and tenth frames to finish with a score of 230. This would put pressure on Zach to strike on his first ball in the tenth, as he was coming off a strike in the ninth. Zach’s ball would hit the pocket a bit high but would see the head pin bounce off the sidewall to take out the stone 8-pin. Zach would get a nine-spare to finish out the game with a score of 238 to advance to the Finals.

The C Division semi-final would be a rematch from AMF Tempe Village as both Peter Trofimuk and Steve Sanderson battled it out in the Semi-Finals at that tournament. Peter would get the upper hand and go on to win that tournament for his first title and Steve was looking to even the score. This time though, they also had an x-factor in Arthur Lara, who was the third qualifier in the Division. This match would come down to the tenth frame as Steve would finish up with a score of 182. Peter would finish up with a strike and nine-open for a score of 228. Arthur Lara would be up next needing to punch out to have a chance. Arthur’s first ball would leave a mixer 4-pin, which he would spare and then he would hit the pocket high for an 8-count to finish with a score of 207.

Going into the Finals we would have Peter Trofimuk looking to win back-to-back titles as he had just won his very first title at our last tournament at AMF Tempe Village. Just making the Finals in back-to-back tournaments is hard and all Peter’s hard work is finally paying off. Standing in Peter’s way was Amarr Bryant who had been throwing the ball well all day. Amarr had taken a break from our events and was looking to take home his first title in his SFT return. Zach Van Dusen was the #1 seed overall and looked to be the man to beat. Zach was making his first Finals and was looking to breakout and win his first title as well.

Peter would start off the Finals with a strike as Amarr would do the same with Zach getting a 7-spare. Peter would chop the 4-7 for an open to start off the second frame. Amarr would do the same as he was unable to convert the 2-7 split for an open frame. Zach would leave a stone 8-pin, which he would convert, to remain clean. Third frame would see Amarr and Zach strike on the right lane while Peter would do the same on the left lane. Fourth Frame would have Peter double up with another strike as he looked to take an early lead. Amarr would also double up with a strike of his own. Zach would see his ball hit high leaving the 2-8 and he would not convert the spare as he would leave the 8-pin standing. Zach would look to make up his open frame with a strike in the fifth as Amarr would take the lead with a “Turkey” (3-strikes). Peter would try to keep up but see his ball go through the nose to leave the 4-7, which he would convert.

Just past midway through the match and all three bowlers were within 10 pins of each other. Peter would lead off the sixth frame with gutter-nine for an open frame. Amarr would be up next and look to continue his string of strike, but would leave a light 2-pin, which he would spare. Zach would leave a stone 8-pin as his ball would crush the pocket. Zach would go on to pick up his spare. Seventh frame would see Zach go “Brooklyn” to leave a 5-pin, which he would narrowly spare. Amarr would strike as Peter would again go gutter-nine to fall behind. Peter would look to make up some ground as he would go nine-spare in the eighth. Amarr would leave a washout (1-2-10), which he did not convert, for an open frame. Zach would get a sorely needed strike and would follow it up with a double in the ninth. Amarr would leave a ten-pin in the ninth and spare it to set up his tenth frame. Peter would strike in the ninth to try to give himself a chance.

Tenth frame would see Peter pull his ball left as he would leave the 1-2-3-5-9. Peter would chop off the 1-2-5, but leave the 3-9 standing to finish with a score of 199. Amarr would be up next and would see his first ball take off going high through the pocket to leave the 3-pin standing. Amarr would pick up the spare and then get 7 on his fill ball to finish with a score of 212. Zach would be up last and would need a mark to win. Zach’s first ball would hit the pocket but leave a flat 7-pin. Zach would pick up the spare and get 8 on the fill win the match with a score of 223. Congrats to Zach on winning his first AHT SFT title and taking home $1,300.00 for his efforts. Also, congrats to Amarr Bryant on second place for $700.00 and also congrats to Peter Trofimuk for third place and $420.00!

Thank you to everyone that came out to our tournament this weekend. We appreciate the continued support with all the other tournaments going on throughout the Valley. Thank you to Shannon Fletcher and the staff at AMF Chandler for having us out this weekend. Also, thank you to Tawna McDonald and Tyler Andersen for their hard work and keeping us running.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks for another 3-squad tournament at Bowlero Kyrene on Sunday, March 3rd. Good luck to all of you that are heading up this week to bowl the True Amateur Tournament (TAT) this week in Las Vegas. Also, good luck to those that are bowling the Mesa City tournament. We hope you all bowl well. Have a great week everyone!

AMF Chandler Finals - Amarr Bryant vs. Zach Van Dusen vs. Peter Trofimuk