Brunswick Tri City

Brunswick Tri-City - 8/6/17

Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Tri-City lanes and had a great turn out considering there were 3 other tournaments going on the same day. We had 89 total entries (69 qualifying & 30 economy parlay) for 3 squads, 25 prize winners and a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio. The players bowled on the 43ft Brunswick Phantom oil pattern that was another very low scoring event. Players could play in just about any part of the lane, but there wasn’t a lot of margin of error and the pair to pair differences were also tough.

Brunswick Tri-City - 3/5/17

We were at Brunswick Tri City today and had another fantastic turn out! We had a total of 77 entries in two squads (50 qualifying entries & 27 economy parlay), 21 cashers a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on a very tough 32ft Wolf oil pattern that only has about half of the lane oiled. Those kind of league bowlers that get upset when there is “no oil on the lanes” aren’t the type for this pattern. However, the SFT is all about developing bowlers out of that line of thinking. Most of the players played to the right, near the gutter with the players that scored the best being around or right of the 1st arrow.

Brunswick Tri-City Results - 7/31/16

Our event this Sunday was at Brunswick Tri City Lanes and was a 2 squad event. Although the event was located a bit far away for most, that didn't stop the amazing SFT AHT family from coming out in a big way! There was nearly 40 bowlers per squad, which resulted in 76 total entries (44 qualifying entries and 32 economy parlay), 22 cashers and a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio that paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prizefund. The players bowled on a 43ft Shark Oil pattern that forced most players to play the middle of the lane due to the outside having a lot of oil and it being difficult to get the ball to return from the outside part of the lane.  The cut scores were also very low through out the whole day in most cases not even requiring players to bowl their average to make it to the quarter finals.

Brunswick Tri City Results - 9/21/14

We had an awesome tournament this weekend at Brunswick Tri-City lanes! We had all kinds of cool story lines that I will get into in a little bit. First off, we always start with the turn out. The event drew 105 entries, 29 cashers, had a 1 in 3.62 cash ratio, and paid out over $4,500.00 in main and side event prizefund. The exciting thing about this, is that it keeps our streak of 100 entries intact for standard events in Arizona. In 2013 we were excited to break 100 entries, and in 2014 we have yet to not break 100 entires. I am sure that the club will plateau at some point, but we sure hope that the members can keep the growth going as long as they can. We were at Brunswick Tri-City almost the same exact time of the year last year and had only 82 entries.

Brunswick Tri-City Results - 10/27/2013

This weekend we were at Brunswick Tri-City bowl in Avondale, Arizona. The location didn’t stop the members from showing their unbelievable support! We had 82 entries, 22 cashers, a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio, and paid out over $4,000.00 in total prizes. The bowlers bowled on the 39ft USBC National’s pattern, which had pretty high scores all weekend. There were multiple scores over +100 which is uncommon for most SFT AHT events. The pattern seem to mainly yield high scores to those that could open their angles up in the front part of the lane and also the left handers seemed to have pretty good ball reaction.