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AMF Union Hills

AMF Union Hills - 3/23/19

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hills and we had a good turnout for being our first Saturday event of the 2019 Season.  We had 95 total entries (67 qualifying & 28 economy parlay) for 3 squads, 28 prize winners and a 1 in 3.4 cash ratio, paying out over $5,700 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on the 40ft Dean Man’s Curve oil pattern that was a very difficult pattern to play. Players had trouble playing on the outside of the lane and there wasn’t a lot of margin of error when playing inside.  Also, pair to pair were big differences, but once the oil pattern started to break down in the later squads, then scores started to pick up.

AMF Union Hills - 1/20/19

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hills lanes. We had a total of 71 entries (48 qualifying - 23 economy parlay), 20 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a 38ft Alcatraz oil pattern that was very tough on the fresh, but quickly, and I mean quickly, opened up and yielded pretty high scores, but it was mainly for the styles that could get left, create steeper angles in the front part of the lane and use the friction in the middle of the lane to create some free hook. The scores were very low in the parlay, but by squad three they climbed up by more than 60 pins taking a cut score of +70 on average. 

AMF Union Hills - 11/18/18

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hill lanes. The event drew 56 total entries (45 qualifying & 11 parlays), had 18 cashers, a 1 in 3.1 cash ratio and paid out over $3,200.00 in main and side event prize funds! The players bowled on the 48ft Eiffel Tower oil pattern that had matched up well with some bowlers to produce some very high scores on the fresh.  Most players were playing straight at the headpin or just left of 3rd arrow and it seemed that the players that could control their ball speeds or had a higher rev rate did well throughout the day. It was a quirky pattern and was a change of pace for the regulars who haven’t bowled on a long pattern in a while.

AMF Union Hills - 07/28/18

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hills.  We had another great turn out with 83 total entries (57 qualifying and 26 economy parlay), 25 cashers, and a 1 in 3.3 cash ratio and paid out over $3,850.00 in main and side event prize funds!  The bowlers played on one of the longer oil patterns that we use, Kegel Eiffel Tower.  It is 48 ft. long, but for the distance it is very thin ratio. This means, while there isn't a lot of hook on the back end, the oil starts to go away in the mid-lane and the ball starts hooking earlier and earlier without a lot of games bowled on the pattern. This normally gives players that are comfortable playing the deep inside lines a bit of an advantage and that is how this event played out as well for the most part.

AMF Union Hills - 4/21/18

This weekend’s event was at AMF Union Hills lanes. There were a lot of other events going on around town, but we were happy to get a little over 50 total entries. The players bowled on the 43ft Mexico City oil pattern. It was slightly tougher oil pattern as bowlers are not used to playing straighter in the middle of the lane.  It was very difficult to score, on the fresh, as trying to hook the ball back from the outside was not ideal with longer oil patterns. The cut scores at this event were much higher in the A division then the other divisions, but the average cut score to advance was around +30 with divisional insurance, so the scoring was not too high. However, it seemed like each division had certain players who bowled really high and typically these were the players that were the most comfortable getting their ball to roll instead of hooking the ball in the middle of the lane.