AMF Chandler - 4/28/19

Our event this weekend was held at AMF Chandler Lanes. We had a total of 97 entries (58 qualifying & 39 economy parlay), creating 26 cashers, a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio and a pay out of over $4,100 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on a very difficult 52ft Badger oil pattern that maintained a moderate scoring pace.  The long oil pattern produced some high scores the first set.  The scoring pace slowed down the second set, and we saw it go back up for third qualifying squad.

We want to welcome Russell Neiger, Cody Lossing, Sue Lindgard, Mike Walsh, and Douglas Mehlhop to the SFT bowling club! We hope you all had a great time at your first event!  We appreciate you joining us!  Congrats to Tyler Andersen, Megan Carlson, Justin Penwell, and Josh Black on being this weekend’s Parlay Power Players and advancing to the quarterfinals on only their $25 investment! Nice bowling!  Also, congrats to David Jolly, Carl Spencer, Molly Weitzel, Stephen Bennett, and Ken W. Davis on making their first ever quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in quite a while.  Your winner of the free plastic ball drawing, with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance bowling ball for $85.00, was Ron Cross!!!

The quarterfinals were bowled on fresh conditions and the scores went back up.  The bowlers seemed to score well on the fresh oil. The key to advancing was being able to convert makeable spares.  Your leader from the A Division was Matthew Zweig (+71) and he would face Justin Penwell (+58).  In the B Division, newcomer Molly Weitzel (+107) was your top finisher and would take on reigning SFT Player of the Year Josh Black (+105).  The C Division would see red hot Preston Massey (+143) taking on Tyler Anderson (+121).  The winners of each division would move on to the Final match.  The A Division winner was Justin Penwell defeating Matthew Zweig, 265 to 224.  The B Division winner was Molly Weitzel narrowly getting by Josh Black by one pin, 190 to 189, in a very exciting match. The C Division winner was decided in the tenth and final frame with Tyler Anderson needing to double in the tenth to get by Preston Massey.  Tyler was able to strike on his first ball, but his second went a bit long giving Preston the win, 203 to 197.

The Final match was comprised of three bowlers in search for their very first SFT Title. The match started very close and would remain that way until the 10th frame.  Going into the 10th, Molly had a small lead and was able to capitalize. Justin finished tapped on his first ball in the 10th allowing Molly Weitzel to win her first ever SFT AHT title! Congrats to Preston Massey for 2nd Place and Justin Penwell for 3rd place!  We want to thank everyone that came out this weekend to support the event and hope to see you all next Sunday at AMF McRay.