AMF Chandler

AMF Chandler - 8/13/17

Our Track Match Play Challenge event had a total of 47 entries today and paid out over $1,300.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a 47ft Paris oil pattern that hooked a lot due to the lane surface at this bowling center. The players had to play the middle of the lane like most long patterns, but it was because anything outside of that would overreact by quite a bit. The scoring was medium to high all day long with cashing numbers normally averaging around +80.

AMF Chandler Sweeper - 4/8/17

Our sweeper event had a great turn out for a Saturday! We averaged almost 20 bowlers per squad for a total of 56 entries. We paid out over $1,500.00 in main and side event prizefund. The players bowled on a very dry and hooking Shark pattern. While there were scores from all squads that cashed, the tournament winner led through all three squads. We also had a lot of new bowlers come out for their first event this weekend and some of them cashed as well. Congrats to Rick Barber, Brandon Watts, Dave Lloyd, Ron Goodnight Jr and Ron Goodnight Sr. on cashing in the event. A big congrats to Eric Flick on winning back to back events. He won our standard event at Burnswick Via Linda and followed it up by winning our fun Sweeper event to give him a very nice boost in the season points race! Check out the results below to see the rest of the cashers!

AMF Chandler Results - 11/29/15

The players bowled on a customer SFT oil pattern called the Rattler at this weekend' event at AMF Chandler Lanes. The pattern was 38ft and had plenty of hook to it, but changed quite a bit through out the day and "bit" some of the players from time to time. Most of the players that did well, did hook it a little bit and didn't play it like the traditional short pattern. However, there were some players who were able to play close to the gutter and do well, but this time they were the exception. The scores were much higher then usual though, with the average cut score in each division being around +125.

AMF Chandler Results - 8/16/2015

We had another fun weekend of bowling at AMF Chandler lanes this Sunday! The event drew 80 entries (51 qualifying, 29 economy parlay), had 23 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prizefund. The players bowled on a custom 36ft SFT Sahara oil pattern that was one of the highest scoring patterns we have ever used. The members are used to the lanes being fairly difficult most of the time, so we surprised them with a higher scoring condition this Sunday. There is also a skill required to stay focused when it is easy to strike, and this weekend's conditions really tested that skill for the bowlers. We had two perfect games bowled, and a 298! The perfect scores were from Shane Valleau and Brad Van Sickle. Shane's 300 was with a Track ball, which thanks to our sponsor, Track bowling products, he gets a free Track ball for doing so. He was using the Lx05, which is one of his favorite balls on shorter patterns. Congrats Shane! 

AMF Chandler Results - 11/9/14

We had another fun event this weekend at AMF Chandler Lanes! The event drew 110 entries, 30 cashers, a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio and paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prizes! The bowlers bowled on a 38ft custom pattern that we designed for this event. It gave the players something a little different to bowl on then what they have had in the past. It was higher scoring, a little easier with more free hook than usual, but transistioned quite a bit. The scores the first two squads were very up and down. However, both days the scores really went through the roof on the final squad. It seems like, on this squad, the oil settled down a little bit and offered the most consistent scoring conditons. We had some of the highest cut scores this weekend that we have ever had with the average cut being over +110!