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Brunswick Mesa - 12/9/18

Wow! What an event! What a conclusion to our 2018 season! Not only was it a huge turnout, but it had a lot of excitement as well! The event had 114 total entries (77 qualifying & 37 economy parlay), 31 cashers, a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio and paid out over $6,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on a 37ft Melbourne oil pattern that, as a short pattern, you would think would be high scoring, but it wasn’t that at all. The qualifying cut scores were all pretty low with it taking an average of +13 to advance to the quarter finals which isn’t even bowling average! It seemed that as the lanes started to carry down more, and the balls hooked less, it became spotty and difficult from pair to pair which really kept scoring low.

Brunswick Via Linda - 12/02/18

Our event this weekend was changed from AMF Peoria to Brunswick Via Linda on short notice.  We apologize to some of the bowlers that weren’t aware of the venue change, but we still did have a nice little turnout!  We had 71 total entries (53 qualifying & 18 economy parlay), with 22 cashers, a 1 in 3.3 cash ratio and a payout of over $3,650.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a very difficult 40ft Bear oil pattern that had some of the lowest scores of the season. The pattern allowed players to play from any angle, but the key was trying to make high quality shots and then pick your spares.  There were quite a few people who thought that the scores would maybe go up for the last squad as the lanes would have some more play on them by then. However, this didn’t happen at all, as the cut score stayed pretty much the same in all three divisions from squad 1 to squad 3.

AMF Tempe Village - 11/25/18

Our event this weekend was at AMF Tempe Village and it was a BIG ONE! We had a whopping 114 entries through 3 squads, which consisted of 80 qualifying entries and 34 economy parlay entries. This created a huge payout of over $6,000.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a very tough 45ft Dragon oil pattern that forced most players to play the middle part of the lane. It was very difficult to play to the right unless you were pointing it right at the head pin. Most of the player’s that had success were in around the 3rd and 4th arrow. The cut scores for the weekend were around the +40 range which only requires bowling a little bit over average for the 3 game set.

AMF Union Hills - 11/18/18

Our event this weekend was at AMF Union Hill lanes. The event drew 56 total entries (45 qualifying & 11 parlays), had 18 cashers, a 1 in 3.1 cash ratio and paid out over $3,200.00 in main and side event prize funds! The players bowled on the 48ft Eiffel Tower oil pattern that had matched up well with some bowlers to produce some very high scores on the fresh.  Most players were playing straight at the headpin or just left of 3rd arrow and it seemed that the players that could control their ball speeds or had a higher rev rate did well throughout the day. It was a quirky pattern and was a change of pace for the regulars who haven’t bowled on a long pattern in a while.

Glenfair Lanes - 11/11/18

Our event this weekend was a special one! We not only had a great turnout, but we got to honor one of the greatest SFT members of all time. Our event was at Glenfair lanes and the players bowled on a very difficult 32ft wolf oil pattern that ended up having the lowest cut scores we have ever seen! The average cut was -30! This means if you bowled about 10-15 pins under average per game, you still had a chance to qualify! Short patterns have always been very difficult at this bowling center. For whatever reason, regardless of the oil pattern, the gutters have always been a bit out of play and don't have a lot of reaction off of them. Because of this, shorter oil patterns like Wolf are extremely difficult. The key this weekend was definitely spares! The event drew a total of 86 qualifying entries (64 qualifying entries & 22 economy parlay). It was a great turnout for the holiday!

Brunswick Kyrene - 11/4/18

This weekend’s event was at Brunswick Kyrene.  The event drew 93 total entries (62 qualifying and 31 economy parlay), had 26 cashers, a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio and paid out over $4,400.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a 39ft Seoul oil pattern that played a lot tighter on the fresh, but once the pattern broke down, scoring went through the roof.  We haven’t bowled on this pattern before, but the key was to get your ball into a roll and play a little straighter along the track.  Those that could do that were able to take advantage of the pattern.  We saw the average cut scores for the weekend were high compared to the last few tournaments.  Congrats to Mark Yakich for winning the Momma’s Mystery Score with a nice 214 game for $500.00!  The winner of the free Track plastic bowling ball, with an option to upgrade to any high-performance Track ball, was Ron McDonald.

Brunswick Desert Sky - 10/27/18

This weekend’s event was at Brunswick Desert Sky lanes. There were a lot of other events going on, but we were happy to get close to 50 total entries. The players bowled on the 42ft Tokyo oil pattern. It was an easy oil pattern and almost played like a house shot on the fresh.  As the lane transitioned, the bowlers could move inside and continue to play along the track which resulted in higher cut scores than the previous few tournaments.

We would like to congratulate our parlay power players Eric Flick and Daniel Austin.  These two bowlers were able to make it to the quarterfinals and only had the $25 economy parlay entry fee as their main cost. Congrats guys!  Also congrats to Ron McDonald who won the free plastic ball with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $85.00!

AMF McRay - 10/21/18

Our event this weekend was at AMF McRay and we had a great turnout.  We had 100 total entries (69 qualifying & 31 economy parlay) for 3 squads, with 27 prize winners and a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio.  We paid out over $5,300 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on the 38ft Alcatraz oil pattern that was a very difficult pattern to play.  Players had trouble playing on the outside of the lane and there wasn’t a lot of margin of error when playing inside.  The key to doing well was leaving makeable spares and picking up spares.  Pair to pair there were some differences with oil carry down, but once the oil pattern started to break down in the 3rd squad, then scores increased a little with the average cut being around +40.

Brunswick Tri-City - 10/7/18

Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Tri-City.  We had a nice turnout with all the other tournaments running in other parts of the valley.  We had a total of 59 entries (43 Qualifying & 16 Economy Parlay), 26 cashers, with a 1 in 3.2 cash ratio and paid out over $3,200.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a pattern we don’t use often and one that is a tough to get used to. The PBA pattern Badger that is 52 feet in length. This is the longest oil pattern used in competitive play and “hooking” your ball into the pocket really isn’t an option on the fresh oil pattern.  You have to get used to your ball fading back high flush until the pattern starts to break down a little bit.

Lakeview Lanes - 9/30/18

Our event this weekend was at the beautiful Lakeview Lanes in Sun City. Many competitive bowlers in the valley have never bowled at this center because of it being located further away and in a retirement community. Also because the nature of this center is to be an amenity for the retired community, the prices are low, food is great and service is top notch. The establishment is well-kept and well-staffed.  We had an okay turnout with 59 total entries for only two squads, which is almost 30 bowlers per squad.  Of the 59 entries, there were 41 qualifying entries and we had 21 cashers, which is a 1 in 2.8 cash ratio.  We paid out over $3,000 in main and side event prize funds!