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AMF Peoria Results - 7/29/12

We had our very first event on the far west side of the town and it was a great one! We had a lot of new members from the west side come out to compete and join the Strike Force Tour Family. The event drew a total of 79 entries, had 22 cashers, a 1 in 3.6 cash ratio, and paid out over $2,000. We were in a part of town we have never been in, but the support from old and new SFT family members was amazing as always! We had some great story lines and more memories to add to the 2012 season.

Brunswick Mesa Results - 7/15/2012

I can’t believe I am saying this but we broke our entry record already! The record before this event for non-holiday events was 101. We had that a couple weeks ago at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes. This weekend at Brunswick Mesa we had 126 total entries! To make it even better we had a total of 19 new members sign up! I have to take a moment and thank the Strike Force Tour family. The job all of you have done supporting the club and each other, no matter where the event is located, has been unparalleled. Not only have you been driving all over the valley, but you have been bringing friends and telling people each month also. We have been having events now for a very short 18 weeks. The job that everyone has done in such a short period of time is unprecedented. I can’t thank all of you enough, and am happy to see the prize funds continue to grow for all of you!

Brunswick Kyrene Results - 7/1/2012

WOW! What a weekend of records, firsts, and many memories! We had our first honor score on the tour, first youth bowler champion, first event with over 100 entries, record high pay out, two brothers winning titles, and a 9th and 10th frame roll off! This might be a long summary, but it still won’t sum up how amazing this weekend was. It’s always a lot fun, but this weekend felt like it was the start of something special for the Strike Force Tour.

Shea Village Results - 6/24/2012

We had another fun and successful event this weekend at AMF Shea Village Lanes. We had a total of 68 entries. We had more new members welcomed to the Strike Force Tour Family and welcomed back some longtime members we haven’t seen before. I would like to give a shout out to Robert Nix a new member that made the quarter finals and also Jim Arnone for stopping by and saying hi! Jim, I hope I spelt your name right! We had a total of 68 entries and 20 cashers which is a 1 in 3.4 cash ratio!

Union Hills Results - 6/17/2012

Our last event was on father’s day, and even though the event was on a holiday weekend, we still drew 59 entries! It was a lot of fun and we welcomed a lot of new bowlers to the Strike Force Tour family. The event ended up having 18 cashers which is a 1 in 3.2 cash ratio! We had three members make their first SFT AHT quarter finals appearance. Big congrats to Chris Ingram, Johnny Wing Jr, and Charlie Krauch. We also had a lot of dad’s in attendance and would like to wish all of them a happy father’s day!

The big story was Charlie Krauch making his first quarter finals appearance a BIG ONE with a huge $1,000 win! Charlie was clutch in his semi-final match. He needed the first strike in the 10th frame to defeat Ron Gonzales in the A division semifinals. Congrats to Charlie on a clutch tournament victory! Charlie is good friends with a fellow SFT AHT Champion, Charlie Light. Now the race is on to see who will get the second title first!

Via Linda Results - 6/10/2012

We had another fun and successful tournament at Brunswick Via Linda Lanes. The event featured far less squads then a normal weekend but we still had 74 total entries for the weekend! There were 20 total cashers which was a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio! I would like to thank all of the members that continue to spread the word and keep coming out and bowling with the SFT family. Our growth and rapid success is all because of you!

Let It Roll Bowl Results - 5/28/2012

We had another exciting and fun event at Let It Roll Bowl this weekend! We had 120 entries and 31 finalists and prize winners which is a 1 in 3.8 cut/cash ratio! We continue to pay out large first place amounts while also still taking a lot of bowlers to the finals! We got to see some of our longest running members come out and bowl with us again! I would like to say thanks to Tom Large, Roger Sensing, Wayne Swayda, Sheila Reddic, Brian Waugh, Choc Higa, Larry Smith, Bo Copeland, Mike Scimone, Naida Davis, Gary McCurdy, Lynn Arthur, Bruce Downs and many more. I want to extend a special thanks to you members for being such avid supporters of the Strike Force Tour Family for so many years!

Desert Sky Results - 5/20/2012

This event was PACKED FULL of headlines, excitement, and a lot of FUN! The main headline was a text book rags to riches! Our tournament winner, Jesse Decker, paid for his bowling with a bag of change (photo below). He would later turn that bag of change in to $1,000! Jesse, you are lucky we didn't pay you back in change! We had another Parlay success story, with Jai Janoe. Jai showed the power of the parlay by winning his free entry with progressive pot, and then leading his average division to make the cut. Jai and Jesse are both great examples of how anything from a bag of change to $25 can put you in contention for $1,000! Congrats guys!

AMF Christown Results - 5/6/2012

We had another incredibly fun and successful tournament at AMF Christown Lanes! We had a total of 82 entries and 21 prize winners which is a 1 in 3.9 cashing ratio, all while still paying out $1,000 for first and $500.00 for second. We couldn’t do it without all of the support from the Strike Force Tour family, so thank you!

Glenfair Lanes Results - 4/29/2012

We had another great turn out this week with 87 entries at Glenfair Lanes! We had a total of 23 prize winners which is a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio! We are having such an incredible start and it is all thanks to the Strike Force Tour family. Our tournament cut ratios to the finals have all been less than 1 in 5 while still guaranteeing $1,000 for first place. We couldn’t provide such a great prize fund without the support of everyone! So thank you!

We had a very successful co-op tournament with TNBA, with the two tournaments basically filling the house! We are pleased to announce our further partnership with the TNBA and will have announcements coming soon about some future events that we will be partnering up for.