Tat Info Page


Make sure that you register and bowl under the SFT group to get these special rates!

- Free SFT AHT Economy Parlay Entry To Be Used Back in Arizona!

- 2 extra VIP squads or 1 w/early entry (Single gets 3, Mini gets 5, Marathon gets 6)

- $150 re-entries for Mini-Marathon bowlers

- $125 re-entries for marathon bowlers

- $30 off Mini Or Marathon for NEW bowlers

- Marathon Entrants Can Choose Between Two Different Balls

- TAT Logo Hat or Towel

- $145 ($130 New Bowlers) Storm Challenge Entry (Includes Ball)

- $25 VIP re-entries

Feel free to email Jamie to find out entering average or your division at jamiepmcwilliams@gmail.com

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