Mesa East Results - 4/17/16


Wow, what an event! For the first time ever, we almost averaged 50 bowlers per squad! Our highest two squad turn out ever with 88 total entries (57 qualifying entries and 31 economy parlay). The event also had 26 cashers a 1 in 3.3 cash ratio and paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on a pretty tough 32ft Wolf oil pattern that had a lot of hook in the middle part of the lane. It made the middle part of the lane almost unplayable,but a few were able to make it work. We had an awesome turn out of new bowlers with 12 new bowlers bowling in this event. Four of them made the quarter finals (Scott Offenberg, Kayla Endicott, Cody Cowser & Samm Cosby), but we also want to welcome the others who didn't, Carl Ong, Don LaRue, Tim Walcott, Chase Nadeau, Michael Metzler, Michael Wood, and Maggie Martin. We hope all of you had a great time at your first event with us in your first event and look forward to seeing you at your next one!

We also had some economy parlay power players in Dylan Taylor, Kayla Endicott, Damon LaRue and Azsuena Munoz. All four of the players made it all the way to the quarter finals only off of $25! Not to mention that Dylan actually made it all the way to the final match off of his $25! He is proving to be one of the most successful people with the economy parlay option. Dylan especially did well most of the day, and has historically done very well on the shorter patterns

The quarter finals didn't have a re-oil prior, which is common with our two squad events. The difference however in this event is that the lanes hooked less then they did freshly oiled. For those unfamiliar with why this is, let me explain. While the pattern is nearly 25% shorter then the typical pattern, it still has the same amount of volume of oil as most patterns. This means the oil is much thicker and pushes down the lane much more then it would on normal patterns. Also because the oil is pushing into the part of the lane the ball is used to hooking, it makes it impact the amount of hook even more. So, long story short, if there was a re-oil, the lanes would have had more oil, but hooked more. Sound backwards? Well come bowl an event and start to experience sport patterns like the Wolf pattern!

The semi-final matches had #1 seed Sean Kearney vs #2 seed Dylan Taylor in the A division, #1 seed Brian Roever vs #2 seed Ben Dewberry in the B division, and #1 seed Scott Offenberg vs #2 seed Samm Cosby in the C division. The only match that was close of the three was in the B division. Ben and Brian went to the 10th frame, but Ben had just enough to hold on and defeat Brian by a single pin margin. Also, Samm defeated Scott to claim the C division, and Dylan defeated Sean to be the A division champion.

The final match was closer then it felt. Samm got off to a big lead with a double and some spares while the players spotting her pins had a hard time striking and even sparing. She started to trail off, and Ben Dewberrry tried to make a run at it, but it was a bit too late. Sam took home the title and $700 in her first ever SFT AHT event! Dewberry finished 2nd for $450 and Dylan turned his $25 economy parlay entry into a nice $250 check. Nice bowling to everyone! We look forward to seeing you all on May 1st at Brunswick Mesa for the next event of the season!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Standard - Mesa East Bowl