Lakeview Lanes Results - 5/14/16


We were excited to make our return to Lakeview Lanes after nearly two years since the last time we were there. It was a great turn out as well, with over 30 bowlers per squad and afinal 62 entries for the two squad standard event.The players bowled on the 39ft Winding Road oil pattern which started off a little tricky but quickly opened up and became one of our highest scoring events for the season. There were quite a few players that managed to go more then +150 and the average cut score crept very close to +100 but still hovered around +80. It was also high scoring because it could be played at a lot of different angles. You could play it straight, in the middle or even further left. Really, no matter the style, there was a shot for everyone, which commonly leads to very high scores.

As always we want to welcome the bowlers that bowled our first event with us today. Wlecome Marty Blickenstaff, Bill Gollmer, and Howard Knuppenburg to the SFT AHT Family. We hope you all had a good time at your first event. We also want to congratulate Nancy Light, Ernie Mendoza, and Mike Umstead on being this events parlay power players and making it all the way to the quarter finals through the $25 economy parlay option. Ernie took it one step further and made it all the way to the final match off of a small $25 entry! Pretty impressive bowling Big Ern! 

The quarter finals didn't have a lot of drama with most of the winners or cuts not fluctuating a whole lot. The A division had Ernie Mendoza who was on fire squaring off against Steve Convirs for the A division title. We want to welcome Steve back to the club after a long hiatus. He had moved out of state for a few years, but he was a player who was always in contention years ago when we started back up and he is back in town and back at it again. While he bowled great all day, he ran into a buzz saw in Ernie. Ernie would take on B division champion Aaron Halash, and C division champion Mike Finley.

The final match was a bit of a barn burner with none of the players being out of it. It did take Aaron to throw a three bagger in the 7th, 8th and 9th to get back into the hunt but going into the 10th almost anyone could win. Ernie wasn't able to do enough to put pressure on the guys so it was going to be between Aaron and Mike who had two different games. Aaron had strings of strikes to compensate for some opens while Mike never doubled but stayed steady, and made his spares to stay in it. At the end Mike was able to convert a spare in the 10th frame and keep his count high enough to just barely squeak out the win by 3 pins over Aaron and take home his first ever SFT AHT title! Mike is just coming back after a shoulder injury and after putting in some time is returning back to old form. Great bowling Mike!

We look forward to seeing everyone at Glenfair Lanes for our next event and our first Major of the 2016 season. Its going to be a fun filled tournament packed full of entries and prize money and we will see you all there!