Lakeview Lanes - 3/3/19


Our event this weekend was at Lakeview Lanes in Sun City, AZ! While this isn't always the most convenient for the SFT regulars, many of them still make the drive all they way to Sun City. We had members from as far away as East Mesa and Tucson, Arizona that came to bowl the event. The members love how clean and well kept the center is, and they like that it is a little smaller and more quaint. In most cases we fill the entire center each squad, and so it feels like the house is there for our tournament only. The event drew 80 entries in 2 squads which is a great turnout for being in a place that isn't as centrally located as some of the other places we go. The players bowled on a very difficult 36ft stockholm oil pattern that had very low scores. The average cut score ended up taking scores that required bowling 5-10 over your average per game. Even though there was a good amount of hook due to the shorter pattern, it was still very easy to push your ball through the break point or miss the friction that was there. 

We had a lot of new bowlers again at this event! Let's welcome Charles Rodgers, Michael Taylor, J.R. Banks, Kyle Hoard, Darren Fletcher, and Eugene Vigil to the ever growing SFT AHT family. It has been crazy the surge we have seen in the last month of new bowlers at our events! A special congrats to J.R Banks who was the only new bowlers to advance to the quarter finals today too! Also congrats to Emilio Perez on winning the bowling ball raffle! 

The quarter finals at this event was not on a fresh oil condition like it normally is. For the 2 squad events, we go straight into the quarter finals, with no break to re-oil. This forced the bowlers to be versatile and know how to bowl on the fresh or more worn conditions since winning a title at SFT AHT can go either way depending on the event type. Because it is only 2 squads, the number quarter finalists was a little less which meant we the A and B Divisions cut straight to the Division champion, and no semi-final was necessary. The C Division was the only division that went to a semi-final match and that was between Eddie Thompson and Michael Sylve. The A Division champion was Shawna Strause and B Division champion Kevin Convirs. The C Division semi-final match started off with Michael Sylve having 5 straight open frames and it looking like Eddie Thompson was going to be the clear cut winner, but then Eddie not only had many opens, but a frame that he double guttered in and it looked like Michael had another chance, but didn't take advantage of it, which gave Eddie the C Division title. 

The final match could be summarized as striking and no sparing. All three players had a great strike shot line, but when it came to making spares, really struggled. It was back and for the whole time with Eddie Thompson having a small lead and then making that lead a little bit bigger in the middle of the game with Shawna and Kevin both missing some more spares, However, opens late by Eddie gave Shawna and Kevin life again, but they had to strike out from the 8th and weren't able to do so. However, Shawna struck out in the 10th and got 9 in the fill to put pressure on Kevin for winning 2nd. Kevin needed all 3 strikes in the 10th to tie Shawna and split 2nd and 3rd place prize money. He got the first two, and did it in convincing fashion, which made it seem likely he was going to get the 3rd one, but he threw that one a little faster and it missed the head pin to the left a little (he's a lefty) which gave Shawna 2nd place and $350, and Kevin $250!

Thanks to everyone for making this event so successful! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event at AMF Mesa next Sunday!