Lakeview Lanes- 2/15/20


Our event this weekend was at Lakeview Lanes in Sun City, AZ!  While this isn't always the most convenient for the SFT regulars, many of them still make the drive all the way to Sun City.  We had members from as far away as East Mesa and Tucson that came to bowl the event.  The members love how clean and well-kept the center is, and they like that it is a little smaller and more quaint bowling center.  In most cases we fill the entire center each squad, and so it feels like the house is there for our tournament only. The event drew 57 total entries in 2 squads which is a great turnout for being in a place that isn't as centrally located as some of the other bowling centers that we go. The players bowled on the new Kegel Element 42ft Chromium oil pattern that was very playable from multiple angles.  We would see very high scores across all 3 Divisions and would result in the highest scores we’ve seen all season.

We had 2 new bowlers at this event!  Let's welcome Larry Hamilton and Robert Meli to the ever growing SFT AHT family.  It has been crazy the surge we have seen in the past month of new bowlers at our events!  A special congrats to Larry Hamilton and Robert Meli who would both advance to the quarterfinals today too!  Also, congrats to Carlos Vejar on winning Momma’s Mystery Pot for $160 and he would also win the free plastic bowling ball raffle!

The quarterfinals at this event were not bowled on a fresh oil pattern like our normal 3 squad events.  For the 2 squad events, we go straight into the quarter finals, with no break to re-oil.  This forced the bowlers to be versatile and know how to bowl on the fresh or more worn conditions since winning a title at SFT AHT can go either way depending on the event type.  Also, because there were only 2 squads, the number of quarterfinalists were a little less.  Usually there is a 1 in 3 cut ratio to move on to the Semi-Finals, but since there were less than 6 in each Division the top bowler in each Division would move straight to the Finals as the Division champion.  Your A Division champion was Dylan Taylor, your B Division champion was Jeff Lawson, and your C Division Champion would be Josh Black.

The Final match would be a bit one-sided as Jeff Lawson would start out hot and kept going throughout the title match.  Josh Black needed to double in the 10th frame to edge Dylan Taylor out for 2nd place, but unfortunately left an untimely split.  Jeff would win his 1st SFT AHT title and $550.00!  Congrats to Dylan Taylor on 2nd place and to Josh Black on 3rd place.

Thanks to everyone for making this event so successful! We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event at AMF Tempe Village next Sunday.