Glenfair Lanes - 7/28/19


Our event this weekend was at Glenfair Lanes. We had a below average turn out with 67 total entries (45 qualifying and 22 economy parlay). The players bowled on a pretty low scoring 42ft Tokyo oil pattern that yeilded cut scores of around +20-+30, so the players had to bowl average to safely make the cut. There were styles that played more direct, but it seemed that more players had success more in the middle of the lane than the outside part of the lane. That is pretty common with the topography at Glenfair. The gutters tend to not play as well with more friction coming from the track area. 

We had some new bowlers come out to this event. Welcome Kaci Cowin, Brady Cowin, James Bungard, Eddy Cruz, and Steven Brunell to the ever growing SFT AHT family! We hope you all had a great time at your first event! A special congrats to Kaci Cowin and Eddy Cruz on making it ot the quarter finals in their first ever event. Also congrats to Keith Fung and Michael Charles on making their first ever quarter finals, or first one in a long time. Also congrats to Brandon Bailey on being this weekend's parlay power player. 

The quarter finals were also very low scoring. In the A division we had #1 seed Keith Fung vs #2 seed Michael Charles, in the B division #1 seed Steve Marks vs #2 seed Dishawn Byrd, and the C division only had 5 quarter finalists so Mike Hodge moved on to the be C division Champion. The A division semi-final match wasn't too close. Keith got out to the lead early and was able to maintain it to take home the win against Mike. The B division was much closer coming down to the 10th frame. Steve needed goood count and a mark which he was able to do to defeat Dishawn Byrd. 

The final match was a great one! It was a great back and forth between Keith Fung and Steve Marks. Unfortunately, Mike Hodge started off slow and was never able to get it going. Keith started off with a double early to get the lead back from Steve, but a string from Steve in the middle of the game took the lead back. However, a shot that went high in the 7th, left the 3-10 for Steve and he was unable to convert. This gave the lead back to Keith. In the 9th, Keith was unable to double, leaving the 4-7, but converting it. Steve, with a strike in the 8th, got up in the 9th with a chance to take the lead back again and threw a perfect shot that carried all 10 and gave him the lead. In the 10th, Keith needed to double to put some pressure on Steve and his first shot wasn't great going high. He converted his spare and waited for Steve to finish. Steve's shot went high leaving the 3-6 and he only needed to convert it to win. He threw a plastic ball at it, but going a bit right to left instead of left to right, and got unlucky chopping the 3 off the 3-6 to allow Keith to just get good count and take home the win and his first title! Congrats to all of the finalists!

We will see all of you next Sunday at AMF Tempe Village Lanes!