Glenfair Lanes - 3/17/19


Our event this weekend drew 103 entries (66 qualifying and 37 economy parlay), had 28 cashers, a 1 in 3.67 cash ratio and paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on a very difficult 32ft Wolf oil pattern. We put this pattern down at least once a year at Glenfair because of how hard it plays. It helps bowlers experience and learn from a very different situation than your typical league situation. It no longer is about making the right decisions to increase the chances of striking, it's about making the right decisions to increase the chances of not having open frames. The tournament today was very much about controlling the pocket and leaving make able spares and then being able to consistently making those spares. The average cut score for qualifying was -15 and for most bowlers if they bowl their average they will be around +20, so you could bowl below your average this weekend and actually make money! Pretty crazy! 

We had some new bowlers again this weekend! Let's welcome Jennifer Peterson, Nautica Johnson, and Shirley Lahr to the SFT family! We want to thank all three of you for coming out this weekend! Congrats to Jennifer and Shirley on making it to the quarter finals in their first event with us. We also want to congratulate Jennifer Peterson on also being out only parlay power player. 

The quarter finals started and everyone expected pretty low scoring again, but not as low as it actually was. The cut score to get to the semi-finals was as low as -62!! Which is our lowest cut score to make the semi-finals ever! We had #1 seed Sean Ashley vs #2 seed Jonathan Ferrell in the A division, #1 seed Josh Black vs #2 seed Gary Jenkins in the B Division, and #1 seed Jennifer Peterson vs #2 seed Preston Massey in the C division. Two of the semi-final matches were extremely exciting! In the A division, we had Sean Ashley go clutch in the 8th and 9th throwing a double to take a good lead on Jonathan. Jonathan needed to throw some strikes in the 9th and 10th to put pressure on Sean and wasn't able to do so. He was able to fill the frames which would force Sean to get at least 7 on his first ball, a spare and good count to win, and an errand shot to the right didn't recover and he only knocked down 5 pins to low the match regardless of if he could convert the spare or not.

If that wasn't a crazy enough finish, in the C division, we had Jennifer Peterson fill frames to finish her game, just like Jonathan did, and just like Sean, Preston only needed a good count or a spare. He also missed to the right and his ball didn't recover leaving the 1-3-6-10 wash out. Unlike Sean’s situation, Preston still had a chance to win, he just needed to knock down 2 of the 4 pins standing to get the win. His second ball traveled in the same exact place as his first missing the head pin to the right and the 10 pin to the left, which gave Jennifer a big surprising win and a chance now to win a SFT title in her first ever event. 

The final match was a grind with no players able to really put any strikes together and the only player able to consistently convert their spares being the C division bowler. Jennifer moved into the lead early on, and never looked back as Josh and Jonathan both missed a few makeable spares. However, the 2nd and 3rd positions came down to the final shots, with Jonathan needing to make a spare and get good count to take 2nd, which he was able to do. Jennifer was the parlay power player so she turned $25 into $1,000.00 at today's event to win her first ever SFT AHT title!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our event.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event next Saturday at AMF Union Hills!