Deer Valley Results - 2/22/15

Our standard event this weekend was at AMF Deer Valley Lanes. The event drew 96 entries (55 qualifying and 31 economy parlay), 27 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on the custom SFT pattern 40ft Death Valley pattern that proved to not be so deathly after all. The pattern was playable from all angles and yielded pretty high scores. Most of our cut scores this weekend were +100 or higher. Also, there were some players that really matched up well and went crazy! We had a few players go over +150 and even some that went over +200 so great bowling to all of you!
As always we like to welcome all of the new bowlers that joined us for their very first event this weekend. Justin Singleton, Justin Allen, Scott Mester, Soni Glover, Duane Stanek, Heather Stanek, and Jenelle Hodgkins, we appreciate all of you coming out to be apart of the SFT AHT family! We look forward to seeing you all at your next event!

A special congrats to Trinette Green, Justin Singleton, Justin Allen, and Heather Stanek on advancing to their first ever SFT AHT quarter finals this weekend! Both Justins and Heather were able to do it in their first event ever too, which is always impressive. Also, congrats to Lynn Arthur, James Brewer and Scott Sparks on showing the power the parlay this weekend. They turned  $25 into a quarter finals check, which isn’t always the easiest, so congrats!

Our semi-final matches all had 1 person that has won a SFT AHT title and one person who hadn’t won one yet. The A division had #1 seed Jakob Butturff vs #2 seed Sean Ashley, the B division had #1 seed Ron Gonzales vs #2 seed George Dayton, and the C division had #1 seed Tim Coogler vs #2 seed Roger Sensing. It doesn’t always work out in the way that you would assume, but this time, everyone that had won a title before were the winners of each match. This meant your finalists would be Jakob Butturff, Ron Gonzales, and  Roger Sensing.

The final match was a very good one with all three players being in the hunt for the majority of the match. However, as we know, there is always someone in the lead and there is never as much excitement unless they don’t do what they need to shut the other person out.  That is exactly what happened in this case. Roger was already out of the match for the most part, and Ron had a lead. If Ron doubled in the 10th frame, he would shut out Jakob to lock up his 4th SFT AHT title. To add to this, Ron threw huge strikes in the 10th frame of his semi-final match against George to force George to do the same. George missed and Ron was rewarded for his clutch performance. Ron stayed in the moment and made two more great shots to be the AMF Deer Valley $1,000.00 Champion. Ron has a very impressive statistic of having 1 SFT AHT title in every season since we originated in 2012. Congrats Ron, and great bowling to everyone this weekend! We look forward to seeing everyone at Brunswick Kyrene on Sunday, March 1st!