Cotton Bowl Lanes - 1/10/2021

This weekend’s event was at Cotton Bowl Lanes in Casa Grande for a 2-squad event and although the squads were limited, the interest was high. The event drew 65 total entries (58 qualifying and 7 economy parlay), had 22 cashers, a 1 in 2.95 cash ratio and paid out over $4,400.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a 42ft Autobahn and some higher scores were bowled throughout the 2 squads but if it was played on the outside the ball, the ball did not come back in. The average cut scores for the weekend were high with bowlers needing to bowl above their average for all three games to make the cut. 

We want to send a warm welcome to Bryan Clarmont, Kalen Catozzi, James Parker Jr., Ramzee Robles, Jacob Payne, and Brandon Roper who all came out for their first tournament this weekend and are looking forward to our future events! James Parker Jr., Ramzee Robles, Jacob Payne, and Kalen Catozzie even made it to the quarterfinals on their first day! We hope you all enjoyed yourself, and we hope to see you again soon! Our Parlay Power Players for this event were Chris Brunick and Dave Lloyd.  Both were able to advance to the quarterfinals on their $25.00 investment. Great bowling guys!!! Momma’s Pot was not to be won this week so we will continue to have 3 pots for our next event. Just remember if you $5.00 can win you some big money even if it isn't a super high score. Your winner of the free plastic bowling ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance ball for $85.00, was Nicole Smyth. 

Since this was only a 2-squad event, there was no re-oil for the quarterfinals. Scores ranged from low 130’s to the 240’s. In the A Division, the #1 seed would be James Newell (+129) and he would have to face Chris Brunick (+52). The B Division would have Dishawn Byrd (+131) taking on Kalen Catozzi (+96). In the C Division we would see Dave Lloyd (+51) face Kish Israni (+22) for the #1 seed. The advantage of each #1 seed player is that they are able to pick the pair of lanes they want their semi-final match to take place on. Also, another advantage is that they get to choose the order of which player would start first and which lane they would finish on. 

The A Division semi-final match was a great match with Jay Jay and Chris both striking.  Chris in the 7th frame spared while James was running with a string of strikes. Chris followed the 8th and 9th frame with a double to leave a 9 open in the 10th. James continued his string of strikes to 9 spares with an 8 count in the 10th frame, continuing the #1 seed with a 274 to 198. The B Division semi-final match would be a close nail-biting match as Dishawn Byrd and Kalen Catozzie would stay neck and neck throughout most of the match. Dishawn opened in the 8th leaving a small window for Kalen to try to take the lead. Kalen spared in the 9th and 10th frame finishing with a strike.  Dishawn recovered from his open to strike out, taking the lead 245-216. In the C Division semi-final Dave Lloyd struggled to find his line. He had a great look for a double strike in the 7th and 8th frame, opened with a 6 count in the 9th to pick up a spare and nine count in the 10th frame. Kish struck in the 8th frame, spared in the 9th frame to follow with a strike and spare, gaining the lead with a 232 to 188. 

The Final match we would see James Newell looking for his 1st Strike Force Title against his longtime friend Dishawn Byrd, who was looking for his 3rd title. Kish Israni was also looking for his first title after making the Finals in back-to-back tournaments, he was in the Finals at our Kyrene event for the season opener.

The Final match would start off with all three bowlers striking. James would spare in the 2nd and leave a 2-4-10 split in the 3rd frame. Dishawn spared in the 2nd followed by a strike in the 3rd. Kish would follow Dishawn’s lead and spared in the 2nd followed by a strike in the 3rd.  Just when we thought James had it lined up once again with a strike in the 4th, he leaves the 8-10 in the 5th. OCHO-DIEZ!! He strikes again in the 6th but the bad breaks kept on coming leaving a 4-6-7 split in the 7th. Dishawn was able to continue with a string of strikes from the 3rd to the 6th frame followed by leaving the wretched 10-pin in the 7th frame and recovered it with a spare. Kish left the 3-6-7-9 in the 4th frame picking off the 6-9, followed by a 2-8 spare in the 5th. What looked like a great ball in the 6th, left the 4-pin for him to spare up. Again, another decent ball in the 7th leaving the 4-7 to spare. James left the 6-pin in the 8th but was able to recover it with a spare.  At this point he was exhausted with bad breaks. He finished the 9th with a strike, leaving the 3-6-10 in the 10th and without so much as a wrinkle missed sparing it up, ending his match with a 161. 

Going into the 8th frame Kish left the 1-3-7, picking the 1-3 off. He strikes in the 9th, spared the 4-7 in the 10th followed by a strike. Dishawn was throwing a good game but he needed to make no mistake in order to take the lead. He spares in the 8th followed by picking up the 10 pins in the 9th. He would lead off the 10th frame with a strike leaving the 3-9 to pick up but unfortunately chopped the 3-pin.  Dishawn was able to take the win for $750.00 with a 251 to Kish’s 217. Congrats to Kish on 2nd place and also to James for coming in 3rd place. 

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the event this weekend. It was amazing with all the interest we had in a center we have not been in before. We look forward to seeing you all next Sunday at Tempe Village for a 3-squad event. Hope you all have a great week!

FINAL MATCH - James (JJ) Newell Jr., vs. Dishawn Byrd vs. Kish Israni