Brunswick Mesa Results - 5/1/2016


I know that we can't break records forever, and all good things have to come to an end, but I sure hope it lasts as long as possible. To think we are still breaking records is crazy, since we started up 4 years ago. Our formats have adapted with what our members want, but it is clear that their ideas have done a great job to keep us going in the right direction. Prior to this event, the only time we ever got over 100 entries on a non-holiday event, was 2 day events with 6 squads total. However, with 6 squads, 100 entries is only a little over 15 bowlers per squad. This event set a record that we may never break. It not only got 100 entries in 3 squads, but soared past that with a total of 143 bowlers in 3 squads! We also paid out over $6,000.00 in main and side event prizes! It was an incredible event and I can't thank the SFT AHT family for helping us get there! Also, I need to thank them for their patience, because due to some technical difficulties the lines got long and the squads started running quite a bit behind.

As always we want to welcome our newest members of the club! Welcome Mike FInley, Chris LaMarca, David Anderson, Eric Hyde, Paul LaMarca, Juan Wakamatzu, Sergio Lopez, Jorien Jackson, Joe Migliaccio, Nick Devlin, Becki Churchward, and Jason Churchward. It has been clear that one of the best rules that our members have voted in, was the change on entering average rules. We have seen a huge increase in new bowlers, with a proportional amount of new bowlers also doing well and even winning titles from time to time. The adjustment to reduce entering averages by 20 pins was a great one and has given future new bowlers a strong belief that they stand a chance like anyone else!

We would also like to congratulate some of the bowlers doing special things this weekend! First off, Russ Oviatt, winning a big $500 from momma's mystery score with a 154 game! Not everyday you win that kind of money by bowling so far below average! Also congrats to Mike Finley, Chase Nadeau and Ben Dewberry on showing the power of the economy parlay by advancing to the quarter finals through the $25 option. A special congrats to Chase who made it all the way to the semi-finals off of it! Also congrats to Maurice Evans, Maggie Martin, Chase Nadeau, and Clay Fritz for making it their first ever SFT AHT quarter finals at this event. Again, we are always excited to see new faces doing well!|

The scoring pace all day was very low, as the 38ft team nationals pattern proved to be very difficult. Players played it from all kinds of angles, which allowed a variety of styles to take a shot at the $1,000.00 first place prize. The average cut score was around 40-50 over which meant the player just needed to bowl average to have a chance at advancing to the quarter finals. However, we did have a very low cut in C thanks to a very odd situation. Our final insurance spot went all the way down to 15th place, due to 3 people being previous advancers and a 4th person not paying for the insurance. To add to that, that final spot was a 3-way tie which meant all three bowlers advanced thanks to the other 4 who helped it happen! It was certainly a crazy day!

The quarter finals were also low scoring. In the A division the cut was +33, and was #1 seed Charlie Price vs #2 Chase Nadeau, and #3 Shane Valleau. B Division cut was +56 with #1 seed Jonathan Ferrell, #2 Jeff Brackett, and #3 Lynn Arthur. Finally, the C division cut was +53 and had #1 seed Maruice Evans vs #2 Samm Cosby and #3 Azusena Munoza. We had one of each seed make it to the finals. The #1 seed that won his match was Maurice Evans from C, who bowled a great game to stop Samm from trying to go back to back. The # 2 seed that got the win was Jeff Brackett out of the B division who had a slight lead, but an open from Jonathan Ferrel in the 10th frame clinched the match. Finally, the #3 seed that won was Shane Valleau out of A. He had the lead most of his match and just kept it by staying out of trouble.

The final match was a one man show. Maurice came to show how much he has improved since his last SFT AHT event beating all of his opponents scratch to take home his first ever SFT AHT title, $1,000.00 and the "BIG CHECK"! Congrats to him and Jeff on 2nd and Shane on 3rd who all topped the other 140 entries. We can't thank everyone enough for such an awesome event and turn out. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event, next Saturday at Brunswick Via Linda. It is a fun event, criss cross doubles! See you all there!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Standard - Brunswick Mesa