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Brunswick Mesa - 8/20/17


The event today was another great one with 107 entries (72 qualifying & 35 economy parlay), 29 cashers and a 1 in 3.2 cash ratio. The event paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a very tough 32ft Wolf oil pattern that had the most success out near the gutter early but as the oil carried down allowed players to have more success inside. The pattern can be confusing for some. Where most patterns get “dryer” and hook more as games are bowled, this pattern tends to do the opposite.

We also had a new bowler join us for this event! Joe Miller joined us for his first ever event this weekend! He traveled from Avondale for his first event and we hope he had a good time! We look forward to seeing you at the next one! We also want to congratulate John Jones on being this weekend’s only Parlay Power Player! Also congrats to Samm Cosby, Nick Devlin, Josh Black and Joe Banno on breaking some long quarter finals slumps!

The quarter finals were low scoring as expected due to the fresh conditions. The A division was a really nail biter with only 4 pins separating the top 3 finishers and Brooke Carroll just missing the semi-final round at +52. She was beat out by Nick Devlin and Charlie Price who were +55 and +56. Nick and Charlie had a very close match, with Nick ahead for most of it, but some late errors giving Charlie a chance to win. Charlie wasn’t able to capitalize on it and Nick snuck out the win 217 to 213.

The B division quarters weren’t as close as A with Lynn Arthur leading the charge with a nice +76, followed by Brian Jackson at +26. Lynn and Brian went back and forth, but Brian got out to an early lead and kept it bowling a nice 249 game with handicap.

The C division quarters were a lot like the B division with two players ending up quite ahead of the rest of the field. Josh Black bowled his highest series to date with a nice +110. He was followed up by Mike Hodge who was +77. Both players were bowling in their first ever semi-final match heads up. It was back and forth but a string of converted spares by Mike allowed him to get the lead and keep it bowling a 229 with handicap to 207.

The final match had Nick Devlin starting off looking sharp, but a split in the 4th made him look much more human. Brian got off to a very slow start and eventually couldn’t quite get back into it. Nick doubled again late in the match to get the lead back from Mike who needed to get better count and mark in the 10th to have a chance to win, but an open in the 10th gave Nick his first ever SFT AHT title and $1,000.00!

Our next event is going to be the BIG ONE! OUR LAST MAJOR OF THE 2017 SEASON! LABOR DAY WEEKEND AT BRUNSWICK KYRENE! See you all there!