Brunswick Mesa - 7/1/18


Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Mesa lanes. This was the first event of our 2018 Summer Circuit and the event had a great turnout with 101 entries (67 qualifying entries and 34 economy parlay), 29 cashers and 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $4,500.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a very difficult 40ft PBA Bear oil pattern that had some of the lowest scores of the season. The pattern allowed players to play from any angle, but the key was trying to make high quality shots and to make your spares. There were quite a few people who thought that the scores would maybe go up the last squad as the lanes would have some more play on them by then. However, this didn’t happen at all, as the cut score stayed pretty much the same in all three divisions from squad 1 to squad 3.

We want to quickly welcome all of the new bowlers that joined us for this event! Stanley Henson, Darnell Thomas, Richard Coon and Adrian Marasigan, who all bowled in their first SFT AHT event this weekend! It’s awesome to see that many new faces in one event, even after the events have ran for over the last 6 months! We hope all of you had a great time, and we look forward to seeing you next time!  We did not have any make the quarterfinals through the economy parlay.  This speaks to the pattern’s difficulty and how much the lanes transitioned pair to pair.  We did have a couple of bowlers making their first quarterfinals or who haven’t made the quarterfinals in quite a while.  Congrats to Stanley Henson, Jim Alme and Rusty Hahn!

Leading the A Division in the quarterfinals was Charlie Price at +92.  He would have to face Justin Singleton in the semi-final match.  Their match would start off with both bowlers trying to get lined up, but once Charlie was able to find a line, then he bowled lights out.  He shot an impressive 258 game scratch to easily defeat Justin.  In the B division, your semi-final match would be a rematch from last week’s B Division semi-final with #1 seed Lynn Arthur facing off against #2 seed Derek Hamm.  Derek and Lynn went back and forth both trying to get a lead, but Derek was unable to get his ball to pick up in the mid-lane and was unable to string any strikes together.  Lynn would get the best of Derek, who has been bowling great all month, 219 to 174.  In the C division, newcomer Valda McMillan was the #1 seed and she would have to face #2 seed Dan Lanious, who was seeking back to back final matches.  Their match was very high scoring with both bowlers not giving an inch to each other.  It would all come down to the 10th frame.  Dan was able to fill his tenth to put some pressure on Valda to either strike or spare then strike in the 10th.  Valda stepped up and left the 2-8, she would need to spare this and then strike, to force a tie.  Unfortunately Valda’s spare attempt chopped the 2 and left the 8, giving the match to Dan.

The final match was between Lynn Arthur, Charlie Price and Dan Lanious.  Based on the semi-final matches, you would think Charlie would be favored to win. He had been bowling great all day and just put up a huge semi-final game.  He was unable to get lined up and Lynn was able to jump out to a quick lead.  Once you give Lynn an inch he has a great, tough mental game that he will take it a mile.  Lynn started off with a 4-bagger and never looked back, leaving Charlie and Dan to battle it out for 2nd place.  In the tenth frame Charlie and Dan were neck and neck.  Charlie was able to fill his tenth and finish with a 188, putting pressure on Dan to mark in the tenth. Dan’s first shot when a little long and he left the 2-8.  His spare attempt chopped the 2 pin leaving him with a score of 187 and 3rd place.  Lynn would finish the match with an impressive 245, giving him his 10th AHT SFT title and $1,000.00!

Thanks to everyone that came out and we look forward to seeing everyone in a two weeks at Brunswick Desert Sky!  Good luck to all the our bowlers heading up this week to the True Amateur Tournament (TAT) in Las Vegas!!!