Brunswick Mesa - 6/2/19


Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Mesa!  We had a total of 78 entries (51 Qualifying and 27 economy parlays) which was a good turnout considering a lot of other events going on.  The event had a total of 24 cashers, a 1 in 3.25 cash ratio and paid out over $4,100 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on a very difficult 36ft Stockholm oil pattern that had some low scores, but also saw some higher scoring if you knew how to play the lanes correctly.  Even though there was a good amount of hook due to the shorter pattern, it was still very easy to push your ball through the break point or miss the friction that was there.  The average cut score ended up taking scores that required bowling 10-15 pins over your average per game, depending on the Division, as we saw some low scores advance from the B Division.

We had a few new bowlers try their luck at this event! Let's welcome Kevin Kilday, Travis McIntyre and David Izenberg to the ever growing SFT AHT family.  Congrats to Andy Morin and Preston Massey who were our Parlay Power Players!  They both advanced to the quarterfinals off their initial $25 investment.  Congrats to Jordan Huglin, Kevin Kilday and Travis McIntyre for making it to either their first quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in a while.  Also, congrats to Kevin Convirs for winning Momma’s Mystery Score, with a 149, for $500.00!  Ron McDonald was your winner of the free plastic ball with an option to upgrade to any high-performance Track ball for $85.00!

The quarterfinals for this event was bowled on a fresh oil condition.  Because the number quarterfinalists were a little less in the B Division, that meant that the Division would cut straight to the Division champion, and no semi-final was necessary. The B Division leader was Bryton Bobbitt (+59) and he was seeded directly into the Finals.  The A & C Divisions would cut to a one game semi-final match.  Your #1 seed in the A Division was Ron Gonzales (+60) and he would have to take on red-hot Greg Thompson, Jr. (+52).  In the C Division, your leader was newcomer Kevin Kilday (+65) and he would have to face off with Jordan Huglin (+43).

The A Division semi-final would come down to the final frame, Ron would see his lead shrink, as Greg was able to string a five-bagger going into the tenth frame.  Ron would finish first throwing eight-spare and a strike on his fill.  GT would need to strike on first ball to continue his comeback.  His first ball in the tenth threw all ten pins back, crushing the pocket and giving GT the win in the match 238 to 226.  The C Division would also be a nail biter as Kevin Kilday would spare and get seven on his fill to put pressure on Jordan to do the same.  Jordan’s first ball in the tenth would go a bit high leaving a five pin, but she was able to pick up her spare.  Next, she needed at least 7 pins on her fill ball to win, six pins would result in a tie and anything less would lose the match.  Jordan would calmly get up on her fill and throw a good shot getting 8 pins to win the match 237 to 235.

The Final match would see Greg Thompson, Jr. looking to win back to back titles.  GT had just won his very first AHT SFT title last weekend at our Memorial Day Major for a nice $1,600 prize.  Jordan was also looking for her 2nd AHT SFT title as she had been close a few times earlier in the year but was really on her game today.  Bryton Bobbitt was looking for his first title in his 2nd title match.  GT would be the favorite, but would he be able to overcome the handicap deficit since he didn’t receive any handicap.  Jordan would be getting 43 pins and Bryton would receive 24 pins of handicap for the Final match.

The Finals would see GT come out firing with two of his first three frames being crushing strikes.  Since GT doesn’t get any handicap, he needed to start off strong to try and make up the difference.  Bryton was able to strike on his first ball but ran into some trouble midway through the match.  Jordan would keep close with GT by making spares, but a washout in the fourth frame and an open in the sixth frame would open the door for GT to take the lead.  GT would struggle with transition midway through the match and he was able to adjust and line back up to throw a 4-bagger to win the match with a scratch score of 221.  This would give Greg back to back AHT SFT titles and a $750.00 first place prize!!! Congrats to Jordan Huglin for 2nd Place and to Bryton Bobbitt for 3rd place!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to support our event! We look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday at AMF McRay!