Brunswick Mesa - 6/12/16


Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Mesa after being moved from AMF McRay. The SFT AHT members did a great job of spreading the word quickly on the location change. We had a great turn out with 93 entries (68 qualifying entries and 25 economy parlay), 26 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio, and a payout of over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize money. The players bowled on a 36ft Kegel Boardwalk oil pattern where it's common ot have some higher scores. However, the key to higher scores is getting comfortable playing closer to the gutter then your typical house shot. The pattern certainly seems to fair better for the straighter players, but as always we did have players of all styles in the quarter finals. 
We got to meet a lot of new bowlers at this event! It really is amazing how many new members we have had this season! It is at a record pace for us and not looking back! We would like to welcome Brian Donovan, Sayonara Arellano, Alma Pineda, Carlos Alcala, Aaron Alcala, and Ross Emmick to the SFT AHT family! We hope you all had a great time at your first event! A big congrats to Sayonara and Carlos for advancing to their first ever quarter finals in their first event! Also congrats to our parlay power player this weekend, Azsuena Munoz. It's great that at every single event there are new bowlers, and people having success with the eocnomy parlay. 

The quarter finals consisted of the top 19 bowlers from qualifying and two players using event exemptions.The scores were medium to high to advance to the semi-finals and consisted of #1 seed Azusena Munoz vs #2 seed Jason Tunay in the C Division, #1 seed Mike Morales vs #2 seed Ernie Mendoza in the A division, and lastly, #1 seed Ted McKay vs #2 seed Eric Flick in the B Division. All three of these matches were very close and came down to the 10th frame. First, in the A division match, Morales had the chance to win his match with a strike in the 10th frame which was cut short by a 10 pin. Then, in the B division match, Eric Flick threw two very good clutch strikes in the 10th frame of this match to win, and lastly, Jason Tunay was unable to throw three strikes in his tenth frame to take home the win against Azusena Munoz in their match. 

The final match was also a good one up till the end of the game. Azsuena threw three huge strikes in the 7th, 8th and 9th to extend her small lead into a big one and take home her first ever SFT AHT title and $1,000.00! She extends her lead as female player of the year and now is really in the hunt for overall player of the year as well! Thanks to everyone that came out and we look forward to seeing you at our tournament partners event on June 25th, and our mid-season meeting that will take place afterwards.