Brunswick Mesa - 4/14/19


This weekend’s event was at Brunswick Mesa lanes. We had a great turnout today with a total of 123 entries (67 qualifying and 56 economy parlays) and a record breaking 64 bowlers on the first squad!!  We had 34 cashers and a 1 in 3.61 cash ratio that paid out over $5,000.00 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on the 42ft Tokyo oil pattern. It was a medium to long oil pattern and almost played like a house shot on the fresh, but the lanes transitioned very quickly.  Bowlers that could move inside and use their rev rate could continue to play along the track which resulted in higher cut scores.

We also had a few new bowlers that came out to try out the Strike Force Tour for the first time this weekend.  We would like to welcome Nicholas Berhorst, Aaron Bell, Richard Shimer, Mackenzie Ickes, Jarquise Rodgers, Marquise Rodgers, Jim Haines, Jack Haines, Robert White and Lisa Ohm to the Strike Force Tour Family.  We hope you guys enjoyed your first event and hope to see you at one of our next events!  We would like to congratulate our Parlay Power Players for this event in Ron Schloss, Nicholas Berhorst and David Addona.  These three bowlers were able to make it to the quarterfinals on only their $25 economy parlay entry. Congrats guys!  Also, congrats to Kevin Convirs who won the drawing for a free plastic ball with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $85.00!

The quarterfinals were played on the fresh oil pattern.  We had 22 quarterfinalists, which meant that we would cut to the top 2 bowlers in each division.  The A Division would be led by Dylan Taylor (+96) and he would have to face off against Andy Hakiel (+59) in the semi-final match.  The B Division would see parlay power player Ron Schloss (+168) as the #1 seed taking on #2 seed Eric Carroll (+64).  In the C Division, newcomer Nicholas Berhorst (+136) would be matched against veteran SFT bowler Mike Hodge (+70).

The A Division semi-final match we see Dylan Taylor staying hot and throwing enough strikes to run away from Andy Hakiel, winning the match 238 to 186.  The C Division semi-final would see Nicholas was able to stay clean but opens in the eighth and tenth frames by Mike Hodge would give Nicholas the win, 243 to 203.  The B Division semi-final would be a great match with everything coming down to the tenth frame.  Ron Schloss had been on fire all day but hit a bit of transition in the ninth and tenth frames, leaving a couple of ringing ten pins to finish the match at 225.  Eric Carroll had been trying his best to keep up with Ron for most of the match, but had a washout in the sixth frame to put him behind in the match.  Eric was able to string strikes in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames to catch back up.  He would need a strike in the tenth to give himself a chance.  His first ball in the tenth went flush knocking all ten pins back.  His second ball went just a bit too long, leaving the eight pin.  Eric was able to pick the spare and was able to win the match by one pin, 226 to 225.

Heading into the Finals both Eric Carroll and Nicholas Berhorst were looking for their first SFT AHT titles.  Nicholas was in the Finals in his very first SFT event and Eric has been in a Finals match before, but you would expect the clear favorite had to be Dylan Taylor.  Dylan just won his 2nd title of the year, 6th title overall, just last weekend at Brunswick Kyrene.  What is truly amazing about Dylan’s success lately is that he has been doing it all while receiving zero pins of handicap!

The Final match would start with all three bowlers trying to line themselves up.  Nicholas would open in the second and third frames, while Eric would get caught by a nasty 7-10 split in the third.  Dylan would nine-spare in the first and second frames, but that’s all it took to line himself up as he would throw a five bagger make up the difference on having no handicap at all.  Midway through the match and Nicholas was struggling with his ball reaction.  After trying a few different bowling balls, he was able to spare out to finish at 213.  Eric would strike in the eighth, ninth and tenth frames to get himself back into the match, but a left the Greek Church (4-6-7-9-10) on his second ball in the tenth to finish the match at 212.  Dylan would calmly get up and punch out in the tenth to finish at 247 to give himself his 7th overall AHT SFT title and $1,000!!!  Dylan wins his 2nd AHT SFT title in back to back weekends, all while not receiving any pins of handicap, which is truly an accomplishment!  Congrats to Nicholas Berhorst on 2nd place and Eric Carroll on 3rd place.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the event!  We hope to see you all next Saturday, April 20th at Brunswick Desert Sky!

Brunswick Mesa Finals Part 1

Mesa Finals Part 2