Brunswick Mesa - 4/1/18


Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Mesa. It was on the Easter holiday which made the turn out a little smaller, but we were happy to be able to provide an event for those that were looking to bowl on the special day. The event drew 72 total entries (55 qualifying entries & 17 economy parlay), had 21 cashers, a 1 in 3.4 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prize fund.

The players bowled on the newest version of the PBA Wolf oil pattern that is 33ft in length instead of 32 ft and it yielded a variety of scores through out the day. It was very clear that the very fresh was extremely difficult and had the lowest scores. However, as they were bowled on more and more the scores got higher and higher as it seemed that increased play made the short pattern more predictable and easier to manage. Even with that said, the cut scores were very low taking an average cut score of +10 to advance to the quarter finals, which isn’t even bowling average.

We want to welcome the Jared Kapoor that joined us for his first event on Easter. We hope you had a good time and wish you luck on your journey of switching from right handed to left handed. Also congrats to Mike Umstead on being this weekends Parlay Power Player.

The quarter finals had the lowest scores we had ever seen. A and B division cut scores took small plus numbers in +10 and +20 but the C division went as low as -20 to advance to the semi-final round. The semi-final matches weren’t too close in the B and C division final matches with Mike Sylve defeating Patrick Sheridan and Mike Killgore defeating Stacie Huglin. However, the A division final match came all the way down to the final frame. Mike Umstead finished first and stuck on his first ball but wasn’t able to on his second. This gave Ron an opening. He could strike on the first ball to win the match. He threw a good shot but, left a flat 10 pin. He now had to convert the spare and get a strike on his next shot to win by 1 pin. He was able to convert the spare. Now he needed a strike! 9 pins would be a tie and anything less would be a loss. Ron pulled it a little bit, and on the very short oil pattern it hooked to the Brooklyn side and resulted in Ron getting the strike he needed to advance and move on.

The final match was another great match and one that was much more high scoring then the rest of the day had been. All of the players started out of the gate striking like crazy. The early lead was Mike Sylve’s because of his extra handicap being the C division bowler. He eventually opened in the middle of the game, but the other players weren’t able to keep their string going. It came down to the 10th frame and Ron opened and Killgore had to strike out to put any pressure on Sylve and wasn’t able to. Mike Sylve filled out his 10th frame to bowl his highest game of the day, win his first SFT AHT title and $600.