Brunswick Mesa - 10/13/19


Our event this weekend was at the newly renovated Bowlero Mesa.  We had 84 total entries, with 53 qualifying and 31 economy parlays.  We had 23 total cashers, paid out over $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund and had a cash ratio of 1 in 3.65!  The players bowled on a very demanding 52ft Badger oil pattern that forced EVERYONE to play straight.  Turns out 52ft of oil is a lot and don't allow the ball to hook very much.  Most players either played right to left pointing it at the head pin (righties) or played the middle of the lane and "faded" it back to the pocket. 

We did have some new bowlers join us for their first event this weekend which is always awesome.  Let's welcome Matthew Rush and Andres Esquivel to the growing SFT family!  We hope you guys had a good time in your first event, although it can be hard to have fun on Badger.  We want to congratulate Matthew Rush on making it to the quarter finals in his first event.  Also, congrats to Genevieve McGeorge on making her first ever quarterfinals!  She is an exciting up and coming female two hander!  Our only parlay power player was our 2018 Player of the Year Josh Black!  Congrats to him on making it to the quarter finals all the way from the economy parlay!  We also want to congratulate Sean Ashley and Jim Montgomery on winning the Momma Mystery Score for $250 each! 

The quarterfinals were very low scoring just like qualifying with the cut taking +40 on average for all 3 Divisions.  In the A Division it was very close going into the last few frames of game 3.  A key open by Kyle Duster late in game 3 made it tough for him to get back around Sean Ashley who was the cut.  Sean would end up bowling #1 seed Guy Pennington for the A division title.  In the B Division, Lena Riley was able to hold off Brian Roever to be the cut at +21 and she would bowl Shawna Strause for the B Division title.  In the C Division there was only 5 quarter finalists which meant the leader after 3 games would move on to the Finals and that bowler was Genevieve McGeorge who was a first-time quarter finalist as well! 

The final match started off with Sean Ashley not getting off to a great start with 2 opens in the first 5 frames. Genevieve had 1 open and not only did Lena have no opens, but she also had a double.  It was looking very much like Lena was going to be off to the races.  However, an open in the very next frame and a big double by Genevieve who was getting the most amount of handicap turned it around big time.  Lena and Gen went back and for the remainder of the match with Sean fading into the distance.  Gen ended up opening in the 8th, 9th and 10th to allow Lena back into the match.  Lena opened in the 9th to lose the lead again and marked in the 10th, just like Gen, which wasn't enough to get around her.  This allowed Gen to take home her first ever SFT AHT title and $900 first place prize! 

Thanks to everyone for coming out today! We will see you next Sunday at AMF Desert Hills!