Brunswick Via Linda - 7/16/17

We have had a run of great turn outs even though it’s the summer season and this weekend kept that streak alive! We had a huge 114 entries (80 qualifying & 34 economy parlay) turn out, with 30 cashers, a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and a payout of over $5,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The players bowled on a very difficult 40ft Bear oil pattern that had some of the lowest scores of the season. The pattern allowed players to play from any angle, but the key was trying to make high quality shots and make your spares. There were quite a few people who thought that the scores would maybe go up the last squad as the lanes would have some more play on them by then. However, this didn’t happen at all, as the cut score stayed pretty much the same in all three divisions from squad 2 to squad 1.

We want to quickly welcome all of the new bowlers that joined us for this event! Sheldon Frost, Austin Sherman, Josh Black, James Franko, Joseph Knight, Susan Jones, Robert Dougherty, Robert Comford, and Jamie Huffman all bowled in their first SFT AHT event this weekend! It’s awesome to see that many new faces in one event, even after the events have ran for over 5 years! We hope all of you had a great time, and we look forward to seeing you next time!

We had one parlay power player in Nick Peters who turned his $25 entry fee into a spot in the quarter final round! While he was the only one to capitalize off of the economy parlay, we had several players making their first ever SFT AHT quarter finals! Congrats to Robert Dougherty, Susan Jones and Nick Peters who all made their first ever quarter finals today. Susan wasn’t able to make it back for the quarter finals but Robert just missed the semi-final round and Nick, well he did pretty good too.

Speaking of Nick, he led the quarter finals round with a huge +132 in the C division, followed up by Zach Beckett. The B division had #1 seed Chuck Lucas and #2 seed Jason Tunay. The A Division had a lefty on lefty battle with #1 seed Ron Gonzales vs #2 seed Shawn Kearney. Believe it or not, the highest scoring match, by a nearly combined 100 pins was the C division! Zack and Nick, two young up and coming bowlers, went blow for blow and weren’t intimidated by the match play element at all. They bowled scores of 245 and 222 scratch on a pattern that was extremely difficult. Both players bowled their best scores of the day in that match, but unfortunately for Zack, he ended up bowling an incredible score that was the losing score. This meant that Nick would move on to the final match.

In the B division and C division final matches, the matches were grind out, make your spares and keep it in play kind of matches. With Shawn defeating Ron 204 to 186 and Jason defeating Chuck 186 to 174. Based on the semi-final matches, you would think Nick was favored to win. He had been bowling great all day, and has recently been practicing a lot and working a lot on his game. However, he is also a very young guy, and could maybe get nervous when bowling for $1,000.00? Well, he did, a little. He didn’t bowl quite as good as he had been, he missed a few spares and ended up bowling 215 with handicap, however it was still enough to take home the win as the two higher averaged players just couldn’t get anything going and also opened a couple times. This mean that Nick turned $25 into $1,000.00! Which has only been done a few other times!

Thanks to everyone that came out and made this event such a big one! We ended up paying out even more money than our normal advertised guarantees! The semi-finalists ended up taking home $200 each and the 3rd place finished was increased to $400. We look forward to seeing everyone at AMF Mesa Lanes next Sunday for our final standard event of July!