Brunswick Kyrene Results - 1/24/16


Our event was at Brunswick Kyrene this weekend. It drew 81 total entries (52 qualifying entries & 29 economy parlay entries), had 23 cashers, a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prizes. The players bowled on the 39ft Viper oil pattern which had some of the lowest cut scores we have ever seen. The cut scores in the A and B divisons were actually scores that bowlers bowling under their average for series. Anytime people bowling below average make the cut is when the lanes are very difficult. It was extremely important to be a good spare shooter, as there weren't many people stringing the strikes together. 

We did have new bowler Nolan Denson join the SFT AHT family today! We are always happy when we get to meet new people. Nolan and Damon Larue were bowlers making their first ever SFT AHT quarter finals as well. Also congrats to Damon Larue and David Andress on being the parlay power players at this event. They, like many, were able to get the expereience that SFT AHT provides, and make money at the same time through the $25 economy parlay entry. 

The quarter finals were filled with more low scores, but also a few who bowled really well. David Andress who, in his 3rd SFT AHT event, was on fire and looking for his first SFT AHT title ever, led his division by 40 pins over #2 seed Nolan Denson who was bowling in his first event. In the B division, we had long time veteran and former senior player of the year, Ted McKay, lead the field and his division 90+ pins. He bounched back nicely from a recent slump and would face #2 seed David Nelson. In the A division, Jonathan Ferrell led the way with a big game one that gave him a 40 pin lead over Ron Gonzales who barely squeaked by with a +29.

In the semi-finals the A division was the exciting match going all the way to the 10th frame and being decided by only 8 pins. Ron Gonzales was able to get by Jonathan Ferrell and illustrate the true value of the event exemptions. He didn't bowl  incredible, but he made his spares, stayed tough and found himself in the final match bowling for $600. In the B division, Ted was upset by #2 seed David Nelson who fought to the very end in a very impressive match. He defeated Ted 247 to 229. Lastly, the C division match was as the rest of the tournament had went, David Andress absolutely dominating his competition. He won his match against Nolan 244 to 217 to move on to the final match. 

The final match was David finishing one of the most impressive performances we have seen from beginning to end in quite sometime. He lead his division from wire to wire and won the final match by about 50 pins. After talking to David, it appears that he has been practicing a lot recently. The extra time he has put in paired with a new bowling ball for the sport condition helped him achive a much better finish then his previous two events. Congrats to Dave on his impressive performance! Also congrats to David Nelson on 2nd and Ron Gonzales on 3rd.

We hope many of you will support our tournament partner's event next weekend. Mike McKenny's 40 frame game will be at AMF Peoria. After that we will see veryone at the TAT in Las Vegas!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Standard - Brunswick Kyrene