Brunswick Kyrene - 4/7/19


Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Kyrene lanes! We had a nice turnout with 83 entries (59 qualifying entries and 34 economy parlay), 28 cashers, and a 1 in 2.97 cash ratio and paid out over $4,500.00 in main and side event prize funds. The players bowled on a different version of the PBA Cheetah oil pattern that was a little longer at 37ft instead of the traditional 35ft length.  The Cheetah pattern tends to be one of the higher scoring sport patterns, as it allows players to get some free hook on the gutter which is like a house shot. However, it is still a sport pattern, and isn't a walk in the park. There isn't a lot of oil in the middle of the lane, like a house shot, so players tend to play this pattern outside early to allow the ball to roll more vs. trying to hook the ball down lane.

We also had a lot of new bowlers try out the Strike Force Tour for the first time this weekend.  Derek Rumrill, Naima Farmer, Thomas Bejarano, Joshua Donovan, Ari Rath, Chris Sattler and Lorenzo Jones all bowled their first event!  We hope you guys had a good time at your first event and hope to see you at one of our next events!  Congrats to Thomas Bejarano for making it to the quarterfinals in his first event.  Also, this event’s Parlay Power Players were Greg Thompson Jr., Bryton Bobbitt, Brandon Bailey and Thomas Bejarano, who were all able to make the quarterfinals on just their initial $25 investment.  Congrats to Brian Jackson for winning the drawing.  Brian won a free plastic ball with an option to upgrade to any Track high performance ball for $85.00!

There were 21 quarterfinalists, which meant we cut to the top two in each division. The A division would have Dylan Taylor (+109) taking on Greg Thompson Jr. (+95), the B division had Michael Frenak (+90) vs. Brian Roever (+57), and in the C Division would have Shirley Lahr (+122) facing off against Logan Spencer (+50).  All three semi-final matches would be nail biters.  In the A Division semi-final match, Dylan Taylor was able to get by Greg Thompson, Jr., 201 to 192.  The B Division semi-final would see Brian Roever squeaking by Michael Frenak, 186 to 181.  Finally, in the C Division, Logan Spencer was able to pick enough spares to win, 210 to 206.

The Final match would see three veteran bowlers all seeking their next AHT SFT title.  Dylan was seeking his 2nd title of the 2019 season and sixth title overall.  Brian was looking to pick up his 5th title and Logan was looking for his 4th title overall.  You would expect this match to be as exciting as the semi-finals and it wouldn’t disappoint.

The match would start off with all three bowlers trying to find a line to the pocket.  Dylan was able to strike on the left lane, but couldn’t carry on the right lane, leaving weak ten pins.  This would give Brian and Logan a chance to keep the match close through the first four frames.  Midway through the match and the lanes started to open up.  Brian would stay clean, keeping pace with Logan and Dylan.  Logan would make a ball change in the 5th frame and would strike in 4 of the next 5 frames.  Dylan was able to adjust on the right lane and throw a 5 bagger to take a small lead.

It would all come down the final frame as all three bowlers had a chance to win.  Dylan would be up first, filling his tenth frame with a 9-spare and a strike to finish at 239.  This would put the pressure on both Brian and Logan.  Brian would need all three strikes in the tenth to finish at 240.  His first ball in the tenth went a little long leaving the 1-2-4 and he would go on to spare and strike for a score of 220.  Logan would come into the tenth frame, having struck in the ninth, needing a strike and a mark for the win.  Logan’s first shot would sail a bit high in the pocket leaving a stone 9-pin.  Logan would need to spare to hold on to 2nd place but missed the 9-pin just to the left for a score of 219.  This would give Dylan Taylor his 2nd AHT SFT title of the 2019 season and $770.00.  Congrats to Brian Roever for 2nd place and to Logan Spencer for 3rd place.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event today.  We hope to see you all at our next event on Sunday, April 14th at Brunswick Mesa!