Brunswick Desert Sky - 4/20/19

Our event this weekend was quite a bit smaller than expected due to the holiday weekend and other events going on. We were still happy to see a total of 56 entries (33 qualifying & 23 economy parlay), creating 18 cashers, a 1 in 3.1 cash ratio and a pay out of over $1,500.00 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on a very difficult 39ft Beijing oil pattern that yielded some pretty low scores, with lower scores in the A Division than any other Division.  Being a medium length oil pattern, it did allow players to play a variety of angles, but that did cause players to try more overall options which sometimes caused them to split or lose focus on overall shot making.

We do want to welcome Clayton Thompson, Roy Ruth Sr, and William Brown to the SFT bowling club! We hope you all had a great time at your first event! We appreciate you joining us! Congrats to Roy Ruth Sr., on advancing to the quarterfinals on his first try! Nice bowling! Also, congrats to Roy Miele and Travis Brown on making their first ever quarterfinals or their first quarterfinals in quite a while.

The quarterfinals were bowled on fresh conditions and it showed. The scores were fairly low, and the bowlers struggled with the fresh conditions. The key to advancing was converting makeable spares.  Since the cut ration to the semi-finals is 1 in 3 and there were less than 6 quarterfinals per division, the winners of each division would move directly into the Final match.  The A Division winner was Kevin Convirs at -10, while the B Division winner was Ray Mobilia at +74 and C Division winner was Roy Ruth Sr, at +14.

The Final match was a close one going back and for the whole time. Coming down to the 10th Kevin Convirs had a small lead and finished last in the match. Ray finished first and split on his first ball and Roy did the same which gave Kevin a more relaxed 10th frame and he was able to strike and seal up his first ever SFT AHT title! Ray finished 2nd, and Roy 3rd! We will see you all next weekend at AMF Chandler.