Brunswick Desert Sky - 2/17/19

Our event this weekend was at Brunswick Desert Sky lanes. It drew 81 entries (55 qualifying and 26 economy parlay), had a 1 in 3.5 cash ratio and paid out over $3,500.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on the 41ft WTBA Montreal Oil Pattern that seemed to be moderately difficult on the fresh, but as games were bowled it was pretty clear that they got very easy, at least for a sports pattern. It is rare to see sets that are +100 or more and we saw several today. It seemed to be most often from the bowlers that are able to open the lane up and curve it a bit more. The average cut scores were nearly +80 which required bowling bowling at least 20 pins over average per game. 

We had quite a few new bowlers again at today's event! We want to welcome Derek Hughes, Genevieve McGeorge, Jason Stuewe, Ray Mobilia, David Dinoffria, Josh Means, and Jason Stuewe to the SFT AHT family! We hope you all had a lot of fun at your first event with us! We want to congratulate Josh Means on having a great performance in his first event making it all the way to the semi-finals! Nice bowling! Also congrats to Tony Marin, Lenny Grom, and Sheila Reddic on making their first quarter finals ever or their first one in quite awhile! 

The quarter finals, just like qualifying had pretty high scores. The C division had #1 seed Josh Means, who was a league bowler at Desert Sky vs #2 seed Lenny Grom who has been bowling the events for a little while now and has finally got his footing under him and found some momentum. The B division had #1 seed Derek Hamm vs #2 seed Ron McDonald. The A division had #1 seed Chris Tucker vs #2 seed Dylan Taylor who has been on a crazy hot streak! The A division match ended up being much lower scoring then you would have anticipated. A 195-165 scratch finish with Dylan taking home the win and moving on to the final match. In the B division final match, Ron McDonald through a couple strikes in the 9th and 10th to shut Derek out and move on to bowl for his first ever title. The C division final match had Lenny Grom get off to a hot start early and Josh lose his rhythm a little and Lenny pull off to a commanding lead early and keep it, which allowed Lenny to move on to his first ever title match. 

The title match was very back and for the entire time. Dylan was the only one of the 3 that was a bit behind, as he could never really string them together to make up for the handicap difference. This was surprising since that division had the highest cut scores all day and the ability to throw strikes was definitely there today! It was an all out battle between Lenny and Ron to the final frame. Lenny doubled in the 10th which forced Ron to double. Ron had to double in his previous match to win in the 10th, could he do it again? Ron proved he was ready to get the monkey off of his back with two great shots in the 10th which gave him two strikes and the win at Brunswick Desert Sky! 

Thanks to everyone for coming out! We look forward to seeing you all at AMF Chandler lanes next Sunday for our next event!