Brunswick Desert Sky - 10/9/16

Our event today drew 68 entries (44 qualifying and 24 economy parlay), had 20 cashers, a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prize money. The players bowled on the 45ft Mexico City oil pattern that is one of the longer patterns we have used in a long time. Most of the players played in the middle of the lane or around the 2nd arrow at the furthest right. It didn't take the pattern long to break down and forced players further left.

We want to welcome the new bowlers that joined us at this event. Jason Kociemba, Mike Miller, Matt Dudley, Christian Roque, Eric Carroll and Paul Colyer are all new members that joined us at this event! We want to thank all of them for coming out and joining us for thier first event! We hope they all had a good time and we look forward to seeing them again! Also congrats to Eric Carroll on being a parlay power player in his first event with us.

After the quarter finals were finished, we had Eric Flick, Jason Tunay and Gary Demeny squaring off in the final match. Gary got off to a rough start with three straight opens, and was never able to get back into the match. This was mainly due to the fact that Eric and Jason started striking early, and then maintained their lead with spares. Going into the 10th frame, Eric was unable to double to put a lot of pressure on Jason, and Jason only needed a mark in the 10th to win. He was able to pull it off, throwing a nice strike to clinch his first ever SFT AHT title! All three finalists were looking for thier first title which proves, that anyone can win at the SFT AHT!

We look forward to seeing everyone next weekend at AMF McRay Lanes for another standard event! The season is starting to wind down, and the time to get those last minute points in, is starting to run out!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Brunswick Desert Sky 10/9/16