Bowlero Kyrene - 3/28/21


Our event this weekend was at Bowlero Kyrene for our final event of the 2021 Winter Circuit.  We had an amazing turnout with 148 entries (99 qualifying and 49 economy parlays) with 38 cashers, a 1 in 3.89 cash ratio and paid out over $7,400.00 in main and side event prize funds.  The players bowled on the 42ft PBA Scorpion oil pattern that played pretty tough for most of the day.  There were some higher scores but for most of the day bowlers were able to play a variety of angles on the pattern.  The cut scores stayed around +60 for most of the day, which meant that you had to bowl about 10-15 pins over your average per game to qualify.

We had some new bowlers join us for their first event and we want to welcome Daniel Capps, Kayce Paine, Timothy Barrett, Danielle Albanesius, John Ball, Cole Durand, Jacob Ellis and Albert Sampson who all bowled in their first event this weekend.  We hope you all had a good time and look forward to seeing you at our next event.  Congrats to Jacob Ellis who all made it to the quarterfinals in his very first event!  Also, congrats to Alan Grobmeier, Max Premeau, Nicholas Tejada, Jacob Ellis and Lenny Rose for being this weekend’s Parlay Power Players.  All these bowlers were able to qualify for the quarterfinals off their $25 parlay investment.  Congrats to Guy Pennington for winning Momma’s Mystery Pot, with a score of 179, for $340.00!!  Your winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance ball for $85.00, was Albert Sampson.

The quarterfinals would be bowled on the fresh oil pattern and the scores showed as we would see lower scores more in line with the 1st squad of the tournament.  Picking up spares was the key to advancing to the Semi-Final round, with those that could limit mistakes and leave makeable spares being able to separate from the pack.  With the bigger turnout, we would cut to the Top 3 in each Division for a one game match with handicap and the winner moving on the Finals against the other Division winners.  Your A Division leader would be Reggie Elliott (+43) and he would face off with Jon Mayer (+27) and Brandon Johnsonkroman (+26).  In the B Division your overall #1 seed would be Lenny Grom (+56) and he would take on Parlay Power Players Nicholas Tejada (+19) and Lenny Rose (+19).  The C Division would see Clarence Young (+78) emerge as your #1 seed and he would be matched up against former SFT Rookie of the Year Logan Spencer (+43) and Gary Alvarez (+26).

The A Division semi-final match would go back and forth with each bowler struggling to string strikes early in the match.  Brandon struggled to get lined up and would punch out in the tenth frame to finish 3rd in the Division at 171.  It would all come down to the final couple of frames between Reggie and Jon Mayer to see who would advance.  John would strike in the ninth and tenth frames, but needed to punch out to put pressure on Reggie to do the same.  Jon would get up and hit the pocket but would leave a single pin spare, which he would pick up, to finish at 197.  Reggie would get up and strike in the ninth and would need to strike in the tenth to advance.  Reggie would calmly throw his shot in tenth getting his ball to shape up and hit the pocket flush to win the match.  Reggie would punch out the tenth and finish at 235.

The C Division Semi-Final match would see Clarence Young stay hot to win the match.  Both Gary and Logan would struggle with the lanes while Clarence would take advantage by picking up most of his spares.  Clarence would finish at 235, while Gary would finish in 2nd at 188, with Logan coming in 3rd at 171.

The B Division Semi-Final would be a nail biter with all three bowlers having a chance to win the match going into the tenth frame.  It was a very close match with all three bowlers striking and staying within a few pins of each other going into the tenth.  Nicholas would start the tenth coming off a strike and his first shot would smash the pocket, but leave a ring 10-pin.  He would miss the spare attempt and finish at 228.  Your #1 seed Lenny Grom would be up next and strike in the tenth to put pressure on Lenny Rose to do the same.  Lenny Grom’s 2nd shot in the tenth would skid a little long leaving the 1-2-4 and he would pick this up to finish at 248.  Lenny Rose would need to double and get 8 in the tenth to get by Lenny Grom.  Lenny Rose’s first shot in the tenth go a bit late and hit the pocket and would slow roll the 4-pin for strike #1. Lenny would throw his 2nd shot bit right and his ball would come roaring back but leave a 2-pin, which he would pick up, and he would finish at 240.

The Final match would feature one bowler (Clarence Young) that was not in the progressive pot.  The way that the Progressive Pot works is that the all the money that the bowler wins, who is not in the Progressive Pot, is redistributed to all the other quarterfinalists that are in the Progressive Pot. First place was projected to pay $1,400.00 for first place to everyone that was in the Progressive Pot.  Lenny and Clarence were making their first title match and looking for their first AHT SFT title.  Reggie had made the Finals before and was looking to finally break through with a big win for his first title. 

The Final match would start off with all Reggie and Lenny striking in the first two frames to get off to a great start.  Clarence would struggle to get lined up and would open in his first few frames to dig himself into a huge hole.  Both Lenny and Reggie would open in the third, but make it up by striking in the fourth and fifth frames.  They both would leave a 6-pin in the sixth frame with Lenny missing his spare attempt while Reggie would pick his up.  Clarence would get his first spare of the match in the match in the fifth, but would open in the sixth.  Clarence would go on to double in the seventh and eighth to try to get himself back into the match but it would be too little too late.  Clarence would go on to finish out the match at 181.  Lenny would get splits in the seventh and ninth that he wasn’t able to convert and he would finish at 199.  Reggie would catch fire throwing a four bagger to put away the match and finish at 243.  This would give Reggie his first AHT SFT title and $1,450.00 first place prize!!!  Congrats to Lenny Grom on 2nd place and also congrats to Clarence Young on 3rd place.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our final event of the 2021 Winter Quarterly Circuit.  Enjoy next weekend off for Easter.  We hope to see you all back in two weeks at Mesa East Bowl to kick off our 2021 Spring Quarterly Circuit.

Finals - Reggie Elliott vs. Lenny Grom vs. Clarence Young