Bowlero Kyrene - 11/10/19


This weekend’s event was at Bowlero Kyrene lanes where we had 104 total entries (60 qualifying and 44 economy parlays), 28 cashers a 1 in 3.7 cash ratio and paid out over $4,700.00 in main and side event prize fund. The bowlers bowled on the 39ft PBA Viper oil pattern that was very difficult on the fresh, but seemed to breakdown and allow for some higher scoring in the later squads.  Also, bowlers would have a different look going from pair to pair and those that were able to adjust quickly were able to take advantage.

As always, we like to welcome some new bowlers who came out and bowled their first event with us this weekend. We’d like to welcome Mathew Wykoff, Robert Wykoff, Kort Rupert, Mario Frontierro, Patrick Fronterrio, Robert Raschke, David Waybright, Derek Delgado and David Chew to our AHT SFT Family!  Congrats to Mathew Wykoff for making it to the quarterfinals in his very first event.  Also, congrats to Garret Strehl and Logan Spencer on being this weekend’s Parlay Power Players.  They were both able to advance to the quarterfinals on their $25 economy parlay entry.  Congrats to Dan Lanious as he was able to win Momma’s Mystery Score for $385.00 with a score of 166.  Your winner of the free plastic ball raffle, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance bowling ball for $85.00, was Mathew Wykoff!

The quarterfinal was bowled on the fresh oil pattern and those that figured out the pattern quickly were able to score higher.  The A Division semi-final would see #1 seed Michael Dragon (+1) take on Ernie Mendoza (-16).  The B Division semi-final match would pit #1 seed James Roethle (+73) against newcomer Matthew Rush (+64).  The C Division would have parlay power player Logan Spencer (+108) as the #1 seed and he would face off with Ron Riley (+76).  In the A Division match Michael Dragon was able to stay clean to get by Ernie Mendoza, 223 to 183.  The B Division match would be higher scoring and it would all come down to the final frames with James Roethle splitting in the eighth and ninth.  Matthew Rush would capitalize with a four-bagger to win, 256 to 228.  The C Division final would see Logan Spencer stay hot to defeat Ron Riley, 214 to 165.

This would set up a Final match with Logan Spencer looking to get his fourth AHT SFT title and also Michael Dragon trying for his third title as well.  Matthew Rush would be making his Final match debut and would be trying to win his first title.  The Final match would be an exciting match with the bowlers trying to get lined up quickly.  Matthew would double in the second and third frames to take a small lead.  Michael and Logan would spare to try to keep pace.  Midway through the match Logan would miss a single pin spare and would be unable to catch up Matthew and Michael.  Dragon would double in the sixth and seventh frame while Matthew would continue to keep pace by throwing a four-bagger.  The match would get really close in the ninth frame as Matthew would throw the ball a little fast leaving a tough washout (1-2-8-10) that he was unable to convert.   Logan would finish up the match with a 187 game and it would all come down to the tenth frame with Matthew getting nine-spare and nine to finish at 238.  This would mean that Dragon would need to double and get nine to win.  Dragon would get up and throw three great shots to finish at 240 giving him his 3rd AHT SFT title and $900.00!!!  Congrats to Matthew Rush on 2nd place and to Logan Spencer on third.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the event this weekend!  We hope to see you all next Sunday at AMF McRay!  Have a great week!