Bowlero Kyrene


Our event this weekend was a huge one! 129 total entries with 84 qualifying entries and 45 economy parlay entries with a payout of over $6,000.00 in main and side event prize fund. The event had a cash ratio of 1 in 4.1 and paid out a first-place prize of $1,100.00!

The players bowled on a Bear oil pattern that wasn’t easy by any means, but also wasn’t incredibly difficult. It appeared that many of the players that were able to get inside and slow curve it from left to right started to do well as the squads and games went on. The average cut scores for the event were around +40 to +50. This mean the players were basically just needing to bowl average to make the cut.

We had some new players join us for this event also! Joe Bingham and Jim Dempsey (Right-Handed), joined us for their first ever SFT AHT tournament! Thanks for coming out and we hope you guys had a good time! Also, congrats to Brian Schamber on being the only Parlay Power Player advancing to the quarter finals from the Economy Parlay.

The quarter finals were close and since they were on fresh, also low scoring. The A division had #1 seed Matthew Zweig, #2 Justin Song, and #3 seed Brian Schamber moving on to the semis with a cut score of 615 with handicap. In the B division, we had #1 seed Steve Convirs, #2 seed Chris Tucker and #3 Jason Tunay and a cut score of 607. The C division had #1 seed Trevor Jolley vs #2 seed Josh Brown vs #3 Eddie Thompson with a cut score of +40.

All the semi-final matches were close. The A division had Justin Song needing a mark and good count to win that division and throwing a great shot to strike and take the division. In the B division, 2 late opens by Chris Tucker allowed Jason Tunay to get the lead, and then Chris needed 2 strikes in the 10th to be able to win and couldn’t do it. In the C division, Eddie Thompson had a chance to strike in the fill of his 10tuh frame to tie and couldn’t do so giving Trevor Jolley the C division win.

The title match was also a good one with all the players sparing and grinding the whole way there. Justin and Jason both couldn’t put together any strings and had opens while Trevor was able to make his spares and grind out his first win and tournament win. Congrats to him and the other top finishers!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! We will see you at our next event!