AMF Union Hills - 5/27/19


Our event this weekend was a big one! Such a big one that we almost broke just about every single event record we had. We had an entry just short of our record with 255 entries (175 qualifying & 80 economy parlay), 68 cashers, a 1 in 3.75 cash ratio and paid out just over $9,700 in our tournament main event prize fund and a new high of $7,800 in side event payouts for a grand total of just over $17,500 in total payout. The players bowled on a customize 43ft Freedom oil pattern that was created just for this major event. It had higher scores the entire weekend, with players having to average 20 pins over their average to make the cut.  It was a longer oil pattern, but the lane surface itself had enough friction that it allowed them to not play too long. The players that seemed to match up the best seemed to hook it a little bit in the middle of the lane, but there were still some straighter players who were able to figure it out and make a run.

There were a few new bowlers that joined us for their first ever event this weekend. It’s great to experience this event as your first event, but it’s a tough environment to get used to if you haven’t bowled many tournaments.  Our Majors usually have tougher lane conditions, a lot of bowlers, and an atmosphere that is very competitive and exciting.  It’s a tough scenario for your first event, but these bowlers weren’t scared. Let’s welcome Ryan Harwell, Jason Pate, Jon Mayer, Doug Stuewe, William Fagiola, Asron Meier, Norman Kampelman, Jay Jones, Blake Cockerham, Clinton Dessenberger, John Conaway and Robert Maldonado. We only had two bowlers, Clinton Dessenberger and John Conaway, out of that group who were able to make it to the quarterfinals in their first event.

We only had a few parlay power players in Azusena Munoz, Ernie Mendoza, Doug Stuewe and Jon Mayer, who all had a chance to turn their $25 investment into $1,600.  Ernie made it the furthest, but fell short in the 2nd Semi-Final round. We did have a lot of players make it to their first quarterfinals in quite some time, or their first quarterfinals ever! Congrats to Brian Jackson, Tim Hafkey, Doug Stuewe, Asuzena Munoz, Sean Brackett, Eddie Thompson, Terrence Smythe, Anthony Cady, John Conaway, Jon Mayer, Mike Barcus, Ernie Mendoza and Taylor Massey on their accomplishments. 

Also congrats to the nearly 20 cashers in our 3 day mega sweeper and to Ernie Mendoza on taking hom the $300 and the title! Here are the final standings and payouts for that.

The quarterfinals was a big one! 48 bowlers, shooting for 15 spots (5 per division). There were a lot of nail biting moments, but it ended up being Charlie Price, Ron Schloss, Dylan Taylor, Ernie Mendoza and Greg Thompson Jr. moving on to the A Division Semi-Finals. In the B Division it was between Eric Carroll, Daniel Austin, Andre Murillo, Armando Viramontes and James Roethle. The C division came down to Terrence Smythe, Tim Satomba, Clint Dessenberger, Brian Gustafson and Taylor Massey.

The semi-finals had all 5 players bowl on one pair of lanes in a one game match with the top 2 bowlers moving on to the 2nd round Division Finals. In the A division, Greg Thompson Jr and Ernie Mendoza immerged as the A Division Finalists. The B Division Finalists were Armando Viramotnes and Eric Carroll. The C Division came down to Taylor Massey and Terrence Smythe.

The A Division Final match started off in a bit of a back and forth but an open in the middle of the game from Ernie, and a 3-bagger by Greg, allowed Greg to make up the difference in handicap and take a good size lead in the match which Ernie was never able to bounce back from. In The B Division Finals, it was about the same, with Armando getting off to an early lead due to some open frames from Eric. Armando was able to cruise to an easy victory as well. The C Division however, was a bit more exciting. Taylor Massey, finished the match first and opened in the 10th frame allowing Terrence to only need a mark to win. Terrence had his shot go high, leaving a split in the tenth frame giving Taylor the win by a small margin.

The Final matches in the majors are always a little different. For the Memorial Day events, we use an eliminator format. This means all three players bowl the first game, with the lowest score being eliminated, and then the two remaining players bowl a one game match to determine the champion. The first match had all three players bowling and it was clear that the moment was a lot to handle for Armando and Taylor, but Greg’s experience, as well as just coming back from nationals, and being pretty sharp allowed him to be more confident, that and a little bit of liquid courage. Taylor had a string of opens to start the match and it was hard for him to recover to get back into it. He ended up being the first player eliminated, and then it came down to Armando and Greg. The 2nd game started off fairly close, but then like in previous matches, a string of opens allowed Greg to get comfortable and not have to worry too much. Greg ended up maintaining the lead for the rest of the game and was able to win his first title, major and $1,600.00 with a score of 202!

Thank you to the 255 entries that came out to make this event so awesome!  We look forward to seeing some of you at our next event at Brunswick Mesa Lanes.