AMF Tempe Village - 8/4/19

Our event this weekend was at AMF Tempe Village and it was a pretty big turnout! We had a whopping 112 entries through 3 squads, which consisted of 70 qualifying entries and 42 economy parlay entries. This created a huge payout of over $5,100.00 in main and side event prize fund! The players bowled on a very tough 36ft Phase 1 oil pattern, which were bowled on new lanes that were installed at this house at beginning of the year, which forced most players to be able to make shots and convert their makeable spares.  It was very difficult to hook the ball on the fresh and bowlers had to adapt as each pair played differently.  Most of the players that did have success was after the pattern had broken down and you would see the scores increase as the day went on.  The final cut scores for the weekend were only around the +15 range which only requires bowling their average or just a slight bit above average for the 3-game set.

We had some new bowlers come out for their first event this weekend! We want to welcome Pete Smith, Amanda Smith, Eric Caruth, Jeff Weigandt, William Walsh, Charles Mickens, Nathan McDaniel and Chad Summers. We hope all of you had a good time in your first event. We typically have at least one new bowler that advances, but in this case we didn’t. We did have some economy parlay power players in DJ Kniefel and Kevin Dollar. We also had some first-time quarterfinalists, or some bowlers hadn’t made the quarterfinals in a while.  Congrats to Mark Large, DJ Kniefel, Sean Warren and Juan Brooks! Also, the winner of the ball raffle for a free plastic ball, with an option to upgrade to any Track high-performance bowling ball for $85.00, was Clay Fritz!

The quarterfinals were bowled were very low scoring on the fresh oil pattern and it showed how difficult this pattern was in this house.  In the A Division we had #1 seed Mark Large (+51) vs #2 seed Kevin Convirs (+0), in the B Division we would see #1 seed Sean Warren (+34) face off against #2 seed Brian Roever (-8) and finally in the C Division #1 seed Dan Lanious (+43) vs #2 seed Juan Brooks (+17).  The A Division semi-final would go back and forth before seeing Mark Large double in the tenth defeat Kevin Convirs, 238 to 206.  The B Division semi-final would come down to the tenth frame as Brian Roever would chop his spare attempt in the ninth frame.  Brian would nine-spare, strike in the tenth to put pressure on Sean Warren to mark and get good count in the tenth.  Sean would throw a good shot on his first ball but would leave a ten pin.  He was unable to convert his spare giving Brian the win, 189 to 185.  The C Division semi-final would see Dan Lanious defeat Juan Brooks, 220 to 198.

Going into the Final match we would see Mark Large as the #1 seed overall and after his semi-final match be the clear favorite to win.  Mark was looking for his 2nd AHT SFT title and the top prize of $1,050.  Brian was looking for his 5th title and was making his 2nd Finals appearance this season.  Dan was making his fifth title match appearance was looking to break through to get his first title under his belt.

Brian and Mark would start off the match with strikes and it looked like this match would get off to a quick start.  Mark would strike in his first three frames to make up the different in handicap between Brian and Dan.  Brian would open in the fourth frame after leaving a tricky 2-7-8 split.  Dan would try to get lined up through the first four frames and was able to convert all his spares.  Finally, in the fifth frame, after a ball change, he was able to line up and throw a strike.  Halfway through the match and it looked like Mark was going to run away with the match, but splits in fifth frame (3-4-6-7-10) and sixth frame (3-10) derailed those plans.  Brian would strike in the fifth and nine-spare in the sixth to catch back up but would miss a 10-pin spare in the seventh to even the match back up.  Dan would covert his spare attempts in the sixth, eighth and ninth frames to give himself a slight lead going in to the tenth frame.  Mark would finish his tenth frame with a strike and eight-open for 190.  Brian was up next and was strike and nine-spare to finish at 198.  Dan would throw a good shot leaving the eight-pin giving him the win with a score of 202 and his first AHT SFT title and $1,050.00!!!  Congrats to Brian Roever on 2nd Place and to Mark Large for 3rd Place.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support our event!  We hope to see you all next Sunday at AMF Union Hills!  Have a great week!!!