AMF Tempe Village - 11/24/19

Our event this weekend was at AMF Tempe Village. We were worried we would get a low turnout due to other events going on, but the turnout was still pretty good! We had 77 total entries with 49 qualifying entries and 28 economy parlay entries. The players bowled on a 45ft Dragon oil pattern that had a lot more friction to it than most expected. Players were able to get the ball to hook from the outside and curve the lane a bit as long as they had softer ball speeds for their rev rate. There were definitely a variety of styles that matched up and did well this weekend. However, it seemed like 1-2 people in each division had a really good look and scores very high, while the rest of the field scored closer to normal SFT cut scores like +40 to +60.

We want to welcome some more new comers to the SFT AHT events! Let's welcome Josh Brown, Ryan Redding, Kim Arujo, Chad Plowman, and Jamie Wiggins to the SFT AHT family! We hope you all had a good time in your first event! We want to congratulate Josh Brown and Chad Plowman on making it to the quarter finals in their first event. Also, a special congrats to Josh Brown on being our only parlay player this weekend making it to the quarter finals off of his $25 parlay entry fee.

The quarterfinals were on a fresh pattern so the scores weren't as high as they were in qualifying, but the lanes weren't incredibly difficult either. The A and B Divisions both had 5 quarter finalists so they would be cutting to the top bowler. The C Division had 6 quarterfinalists due to the higher amount of entries and was able to advance the top 2. In the A Division we had #1 seed Eric Flick with a score of +120 move on straight to the finals. In the B Division the leader was Michael Killgore at +59. The C Division was #1 seed Josh Brown, who was a newcomer, vs #2 seed Mathew Wykoff another fairly new member to the club. Their match was a bit more "on stage" than usual since it was the only match. The match started off with both players putting together some doubles, but Mathew left some open frames whereas Josh was able to convert his spares. It was also very evident that Mathew was a down and in bowler and Josh liked to get left and hook it a bit more and it seemed like this pair was a bit more conducive to hooking it the way that Josh was doing. He seemed to have some more miss room and that was a big part in him winning the match. Although he barely snuck into the cut through division insurance, he was able to move on to his first ever title match in his first ever tournament.

The title match started off with an early double out of Killgore to take the lead, however an open in the 5th and a double by Josh Brown in the 4th and 5th brought it all back to even again. Eric was the only one that had some work to do by the middle of the match. The match continued that way with Michael and Josh going back and forth at each other. A big triple in the 9th and 10th allowed Josh to shut Mike out and take home his first title and $750!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and we will see you next Sunday at AMF Union HIlls!