AMF Peoria Results - 2/28/16


Well our 2 squad events are going really well. The members are finding them much quicker, allowing them to get together, have some fun, bowl for some real cash and still have some Sunday to do other things. This event we also saw a very good balance of entries per division, with 17 in A, 17 in B and 18 in C. The event as a whole drew 78 entries (52 qualifying and 26 economy parlay) in 2 squads, had 21 cashers a 1 in 3.8 cash ratio and paid out over $3,000.00 in main and side event prizes.

The players bowled on one of the longest oil patterns we have used to date in the Kegel Eiffel Tower oil pattern. It is 48ft long, but for the distance is very thin. This means, while there isn't a lot of hook on the back end, the oil starts to go away in the midlane and the ball starts hooking earlier and earlier without a lot of games bowled on the pattern. This normally gives players that are comfortable playing the deep inside lines a bit of an advantage and that is how this event played out as well for the most part.

We had yet another event with all kind of new bowlers at it! We want to welcome Michael Mattocks, Kameron Benko, Greg Neblett, James Mattocks, Michael Zadwarny, Michael Szceparski, Matt Zadwarny, Arvle Knight, and Dave Sewell to the SFT AHT family we hope you all had a great time at your event! We look forward to seeing you at our next one! 

We want to congratulate Jason Tunay, Mike Maruca, and Azusena Munoz on advancing to the quarter finals for the very first time today! We love seeing fresh new faces having success! Also congrats to Mike Maruca and Armando Vinamotes on being this event's Parlay Power players advancing to the quarter finals through the $25 economy parlay option. 

The semi-final matches put Joe Mascio and Shane Valleau against each other for the A division title, Aaron Halash and Ben Dewberry for the B division title, and Azusena Munoz and Robert Ervin for the C division title. Shane and Joe really battled it out, but Shane lost the right lane and was unable to keep up with Joe's striking ability. In the B division, Aaron Halash was able to make most of his spares, and a clean game was all he needed to defeat Dewberry who bowled his lowest score of the event in the semi-finals. Lastly, Robert was able to also convert a few more spares then Azusena to bowl in his 2nd title match ever.

The final match was very close between two people, and unfortunately for them they were never close to the champion. Robert needed to mark in the 10th frame to get 2nd place, but missed a 10 min to allow Aaron to finish 2nd. However, the real story was Joe Mascio who started off the final match with the front 9 strikes! Joe has always had a real gift with being very soft with his hand at release and using that gift to create more hold then others can. On long patterns this is invaluable, and he showed it dominating most of the event after the lanes transitioned. He had scores of 230+ and 270+ in his last two games when it mattered most! Great bowling Joe!

See you all at Brunswick Via Linda next Sunday where we go back to our 3 squad format! See you all there!

Final Match: 

SFT AHT Standard - AMF Peoria