AMF Mesa - 5/7/17


Our event this weekend was at AMF Mesa and featured the 40 frame game format! This format is a lot of fun, as each frame is something different and includes things like mulligans, no-tap scoring, “payday” frames and the dreaded sour grapes frames. This event had a great turn out with 64 entries! Not only does this format do well normally, but the fun events being worth season points has had a huge impact on the turn out as well. A couple high cashes in the fun events can still impact the season points races quite a bit.

Of the 64 entries there were 16 cashers in the main event and many people cashing in the pay day frames. A big congrats to Brooke Carroll, Ron Gonzales, Tom Large, and Eric Flick on winning the clutch money today in the bingo, bango, bongo! These players had to strike out in the 40th frame to take home over $100 each. There isn’t anything quite like throwing strikes when you know you need them!

We also want to welcome some new bowlers who joined us for their first event! Welcome Eric Hatchett, Douglas Landry, Darion Cantrell, and David Addona to the SFT AHT family! Congrats to David Addona and Darion Cantrell on also cashing in their first ever tournament!

Of the 16 cashers we had one bowler cash twice, which was Dylan Taylor. This was pretty significant though because it was for a total over $300, which means he will be getting about 300 points in the season points race, which is significant. We also had some new faces do well with two new members cashing and a bowler bowling in their 3rd event that ended up winning the whole thing! A big congrats to Peyton Steele on winning his first ever SFT AHT event and $350! This will give him a huge surge in the rookie of the year points race!

Thanks to everyone that came out and we look forward to seeing everyone in two weekends for the double header that features ACBA on  Saturday and a SFT standard on Sunday. See you all there!